My Fantasy Comes True

November 15, 2009
By XoLaUrEnOx7 GOLD, Mapleville, Rhode Island
XoLaUrEnOx7 GOLD, Mapleville, Rhode Island
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"When chocolates show up at your door, you know a boy loves you and is watching you."
- Me!
"Who needs a guy when you have chocolate and friends?!"
- Me again!

I watch as he walks by me. Oh my god, did he look at me? I think he smiled! I can't believe it... never mind, he was smiling at the cheerleader down the hall in her mini cheerleading uniform.

Chase Cooper was the most popular kid in school, and probably the hottest. He played football, hockey, and soccer. He was tan and extremely muscular, but not so much it was obnoxious. All the girls had a crush on him, but I think mine was the biggest.

I had known Chase since 2nd grade, and I had had a crush on him forever. It was amazing how we had known each other forever and the only time he had acknowledged me was in 4th grade when he asked to borrow my granny smith green from my 64 pack of crayons.

And while I thought my pathetic thoughts, I walked into Chase and fell back. I dropped my stuff and hit my head on a locker. I remember him turning around, and the world went black.

I opened my eyes groggily and looked around. I was in the nurse's office, surrounded by my two best friends, Tiphanie and Tara, the nurse, Mrs. Martel, and...Chase? Yep, he was there, looking at me with concern in his eyes.

"Oh my god, Kaitlyn, are you okay?" Chase, Tara, and Tiphanie said at the same time. "Kaitlyn, I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and..." He kept going, but I just smiled. He knew my name? He was apologizing? I was on Cloud Nine!

"Kaitlyn? Helloooo??" Tiphanie waved her hand in front of my face. I shook my thoughts from my head. "I'm fine guys, really." I tried to walk, but I was a little wobbly.

Chase leapt forward to catch me as I fell. "Mrs. Mratle, I think I'll take Kaitlyn home. We live near each other and I know her mom's home." He flashed a smile, and I knew Mrs. Martel was gonna let him go.

"Okay, Chase, that's fine." She walked out and answered her phone in the hall. I waved good bye to Tiphanie and Tara and walked to Chase's car.

But wait...wait! Chase didn't live near me! And my mom was not home. She didn't even live with me. She walked out on my dad and I when I was 4.

"Umm where are you taking me?" Chase just shook his head and kept driving, all the while with a smile on his face.

We arrived at Central Park, the place completely vacant. He held my hand and led me to a park bench. Chase sat me down and looked at me. Like he was looking into my soul. And then he spoke.

"Are you okay?" He spoke softly, like he didn't want to scare me.

"I'm dizzy, but okay for the most part." I was going to have heart failure. This was the most he's ever talked to me!

"I'm really sorry. I was-" I cut him off and said "I wasn't paying attention. Not your fault."

"Kaitlyn, look. I... I... I really like you. I don't talk to you because I'm too scared. You were always with your soccer friends... Tiphanie and Tara. You looked so... I don't know. Happy without a guy."

"Are you kidding me?!?!?!" I was shocked. "I have been in love with you since 2nd grade. You talked to me in 4th grade for a CRAYON. And that was it. Up unitl this year, my senior year, and now you tell me you like me?" I felt scared. i had told him I was in love with him!

"Really? You're in love with me? And to think, we have both liked each other for about forever and we were both too scared to talk to each other..." He looked at me thoughtfully.

"Kaitlyn, can I ask you something?" I nodded eagerly. "I am formally asking you out on a date, with me, to the Chinese Lantern. Do you accept?"

"YES!" I hugged him and recomposed myself. "Do you want my number?"

We exchanged numbers, and then he really brought me home. I felt so bad. I had never cut school before! And with a boy, too.

I walked into an empty house. I expected that. After my mom left, my dad indulged himself in work to take his mind off of her. I had learned how to make ribs at the age of ten. Now, at seventeen, I was still alone.

Dad was on a business trip in China. He was a traveling agent. Dad wouldn't be back for about a month. Until then, I was on my own. All my relatives were dead, except for my second cousin. He was studying in Antarctica.

I was alone... until my date.

The author's comments:
this is only part 1!!!

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