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November 14, 2009
By serendipitous615 PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
serendipitous615 PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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"Do you want to know the secret of self esteem? Here it is: If you want confidence, then understand how much you matter to God. If God loves you, who cares what anybody else thinks."

I bet a million things are running through your mind right now. Even though you give people the impression that you don’t have your own thoughts and that you don’t care what people think about you, I know that’s not what your like.

You’re probably thinking about how you got a D on the test you just got back. The one you’re now doodling something on. One seat across and two up from me, your showing you don’t care by laughing and high- fiving people. You’re acting like you’re proud. But I bet as you sit there, ignoring the lecture our teacher is giving, you’re stressing out. You’re actually freaking out because you know what your parents are going to say when they see that test.

But you draw on it so everyone thinks that you don’t care. That you’re cool. When really later you’re going to ask to borrow my “big mistakes” eraser to erase all the little doodles on your paper. I know you will.

You’re also thinking about Jennifer Tyler sitting right in front of you. Thinking that doodling on your paper will show her you’re tuff and careless. You’re thinking that that’ll get her to mess around with you on your up coming date. You’re thinking about changing that D to a B so your parents won’t flip out, so they won’t ground you. That way you’ll be able to go on that date with Jennifer you guys planned last week.

She turns around to whisper something to you. You nod your head and shrug. You try to play it off cool and act like you’re not crushed that she just called off your date. Now you put down the pencil and lean back in your chair. You’re thinking that sense she cancelled you won’t have to lie about your grade. You don’t care if you get grounded anymore. You look back at me once. And I can tell your thinking that on Saturday you’ll ask me to tutor you that I’ll help you study because you really do care about physics and chemistry. You’re thinking that you want to be an engineer. That this D is haunting you.

And I bet you one day you’ll thank me, your sister, for helping you realize this.

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