A Silent Symphony ~ The Seawall

November 13, 2009
By Ariki SILVER, Morgan City, Louisiana
Ariki SILVER, Morgan City, Louisiana
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I hate the ocean. The sea breeze makes my eyes burn, the smell of the salt makes me nauseous, and sand is one of the most irritateing things I have ever come across. Yet, as these thoughts of my distaste rush threw my mind, my fingers still cling fast to Melody's as I sit along side her on The Seawall. Usually, I would suggest we try and do something else instead, but as of late she has been acting strange; anything but herself. At one time, we would be together every single moment of our free time. Rather it be grabbing a small coffee at the local cafe' or grabbing a bite to eat at Mike's Bistro, it was always Melody and I. Now, it seems like she's never really in the mood to do much of anything. The fact that she mentioned wanting to go to The Seawall, and with me, gave me a slight tinge of hope that she was returning to her old self. So, for one afternoon, I am willing to put aside my disgust for the ocean and the beach, if it means I get to spend a few hours with Melody.


Turning towards her voice, I find that I am not welcomed by her usual warm and loving eyes, her kind and encourageing smile. Instead, she is peering out towards the sea, her eyes far off and distant, her lips pulled down into a thin line of worry, a side of Melody I haven't really seen before. Giving her hand a gentle squeeze, I manage to pull my lips into what I hope is a deceant smile.

"Yeah, Mels?"

"Have you ever taken the time to stop and really think about the path in life that fate has laid out for you? Like, what your actuall purpose is? About what happens in the long run, not just what's happening now...?"

When Melody turned towards me, I felt the strings of my heart begin to ache. Though her eyes are filled with curiosity and inquiry, I can still see a slight tinge of pain, something I have rarely ever seen. I take a minute before addressing her question. Melody always was a deep thinker, but when she thought things threw, her final conclusion had always been something optimistic and bright. This question she asked, and the way she asked it, felt more brooding and ominous than anything I was used to her pondering. Running my thumb over her soft, pale skin, I begin slowly, not extremely confident in my answer.

"I can't exactlly say that I have. I mean, sure, I like to think that when I'm older and grown that I would have lived a wholesome life, but there's no way of knowing for sure that I'll ever make it that far. For all I know, I could die tomorrow."

Pauseing for a moment, I look down at our linked fingers, pale skin against pale skin, a large hand enveloping a fragile, smaller one. Seeing this small token of affection makes my mind race and my heart sing. Just like the hand cradleing hers, I'll be the one to keep her warm and safe, to hide her from her fears and worries. I'll be the one to stand by her side and envelope her in love, in warmth, and in reassurance. Smiling softly, I lift our hands to my mouth, pressing my lips to her cool skin, carressing her flesh with a tender kiss.

"The one thing that I do know, though, is that we have to live in the present, and in the now. If we worry to much about our future and about the things that we've done, then we'll be missing out on the gifts that we are given in the present."

Peering up from her skin, I almost crings when I see the expression on her face. Not only is the pain overwhelming in her sky blue eyes, but it is also apparent in her face; the way her eyebrows are furrowed and the way her lips are pressed together tightly. As if she were fighting back tears. Panicing, afraid that I might have said something wrong, I lean forward and run my thumb beneath each of her eyes, feeling the cool tears brush my skin before they stream down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Melody, I didn't mean to say anything to hurt you..."

That's when I am greeted by the smile I have grown to love so dearly. Leaning forward, she presses her lips to the corner of my mouth, her hands coming arond the back of my head, tenderly holding me in place as she whispers against my lips, her breath warm and crisp in the cool autumn air.

"Ryan, there's nothing you can do to hurt me, despite what you may think. You're one of the greatest gifts I've been blessed with."

Lifting her lips from mine, only toplace them on my forehead, she carresses my skin softly before pulling back, a kind smile on her lips, warmth and love radiateing from her body and consumeing me in their waves. Reaching for her hands, I hold them tightly in my hands before pressing my lips to her fingers, whispering against her skin.

"I love you, Melody."

"And I love you."

The author's comments:
This short piece of a larger project I have been working was inspired by the animated series AIR. It's a beautiful series about life and loss, and it really inspired the characters.

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