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November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The glorious sounds of the choir echoed all through out the sanctuary as the melodious notes rose towards the heavens. Looking around, Jonathan took note of those staring and zoning out, those who were not really enjoying this service. I’m better than them because I pay attention and sing all of the songs he thought to himself. I am a better Christian because I look better. Glancing around again he tries to catch people looking at him, and trying in vain. A few rows back a father looks on and says to his wife, “Look at that noble little boy.”

As Jonathan walks out of the sanctuary he stands tall and tries to look important, scoffing at all the cowering little visiting kids, hiding in corners. Like a rooster strutting in the yard, Jonathan moves through the crowds drawing the attention of some of the newer members and drawing remarks like, noble, respectable, good Christian. He pretends not to hear, while on the inside he is rejoicing and praising himself for his accomplishments.

Do things change outside the doors? While driving home, Jonathan has the mindset of a bat out of hell. The first red light was close; the second was full blown illegal. God will protect me, I’m one on one, he thought. As he gets out of his car his mom comes storming out of the house. “Why did you not stop at the store when I asked you?” She shouts.

“I didn’t want! Ok so get off of my back,” he retorts.
“You need to watch who it is you are talking to mister! Now get back in your car, and drive to the store like I asked you.” She says with finality and heads back inside. As the door closes he distinctly hears the deadbolt slide into place. Grudgingly, he climbs back into the car vowing to make this night very tough on his mother. Though unnoticed the neighbor had been crouched over his flowers close by and remarked at the ease at which the boy threw around cuss words.

After completing the shopping list, Jonathan stands in line and notices everyone is looking the other way, and there are a pair of IPod headphones on the rack. He double checks to make absolutely sure no one is looking and quickly grabs them and stuffs them in his pocket. Then, he pays for all of the grocery items he was supposed to and walks calmly out of the store and to his car. A customer behind him, who saw the deed, calmly waits to see what he would do, and when nothing is done slips in behind to see what car he drives. As Jonathan nears his car, the onlooker detects the Christian fish sitting happily on his bumper and remarks scornfully how righteous he must be.

Struggling to keep his eyes open during the sermon he is awakened by the sudden jolt of electric guitar chords. Standing and sitting in his same seat right near the door giving him the perfect opportunity to slip out the back right at the end of the service. Glancing back he sees someone he recognizes, he thinks she is from his school and that is confirmed when they lock eyes and she smiles and waves back. Jonathan quickly turns away and pretends to tie his shoe until the song is over. After the service, he tries to get out of the chair quickly but somehow the girl got to him before the door, the girl from his school comes up to him and says, “Hey! I think we go to the same school.”
“Yes, I believe I’ve seen you there. Trinity?” He prods.
“Yeah! I’m a little new to this whole God thing, are you in with all this heaven and hell stuff?” she questions.
“What, me? No, I just come here because my parents want me to.” Saying this, he walks a way, and by turning around reads the verse of the week posted on the board: “If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father.” Matthew 10:33

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