Bad Christians

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

All the time I see people claim to be Christians not singing in Chapel. They walk around and tell people they follow Christ but they do not act like it. I see these people walking around cussing and not singing in chapel. As we walk out of chapel and down the hall all I here is how long that chapel was. I saw many people also sleeping and not paying attention to the sermon. Maybe I am not living the right way and they are.
I also see Christians that go to my school but then on weekends they do bad things. I see them at party’s drinking and cussing. They are different people then how they act in class. All the teachers love them and they never see how they really act outside of school. They are living the life for a Christian because they get to do whatever they want.
Christian’s parents never tell them they are doing anything wrong. The parents never see them because they never see them and what they do on the weekends. The parents have no idea what there little Christian is doing. All they hear from the teachers on how good they are in school. The parents think that their kids are prefect Christians because they go to a Christian School and go to Church.
The teachers only thought that they were good kids and never did anything bad. The Teachers had no idea that the kids do bad things after school. They only called them Christians they were really not doing the right thing. They cuss out people and make fun of them. But they are Christians they cannot do anything bad but the teachers never hear them. When a kid that is not a Christian cusses somebody out they we are in trouble over their head. Why are they judged different they look the same just one is a true Christian and one is not.
I think that they are not a true Christians and they are fakes. They act well during school but out of school they are bad kids and do not follow God. They go to Church and act like they follow God. Why does not body no that they are truly bad. Why does nobody see him or her and what they do on weekends?

The author's comments:
Irony about how good Christians are

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