The Child’s Rebellion

November 11, 2009
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The child awakes from his distressed snooze at four in the morning. He wails and screams for his dozing mother. Ever-tired and stressed, she salvages the few hours of rest that she can manage to save each night. The small boy screams louder for a father who is miles away fighting in unknown lands for his country. The mother drudgingly sits up and contemplates whether she can return to the hazed dreams, which she could never remember. Her train of blurry thoughts was interrupted when her child’s cries are put into sharp perspective. Unfortunately these occurrences had been happening, quite often over the past week. The baby was usually quiet but now had mad, outbursts of anger. Again and again, each night the child screamed only to make the mother comprehend him. Inarticulate and constantly frightened he continued every night. Walking quickly into the child’s room across the hall, the mother picked her baby up and consoled him. The wails and screams did not cease. It was no use. The mother’s solaces did not affect him. Exasperated the mother hurried to the kitchen to get his bottle. She let him drink but still, he did not stop. Perhaps the cause was that the woman had recently taken up that new yoga class and left the young one in the in the alien care of another or maybe because she had finally put that new crib into use. The mother’s escape had become the infant’s nightmare. How could she ever do that to me? Doesn’t she care about me? Why? He thought achingly in his diminutive mind. It was clear the child was separated from his mother and unable to fare alone. He obviously needed her and was emotionally deprived of a mother’s love and care. The child revolted in the only way he knew: by crying.

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