October 23, 2009
By greeneyedgirl BRONZE, Mendota, Minnesota
greeneyedgirl BRONZE, Mendota, Minnesota
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"Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits."
"Great moments are born from great oppurtunities"

I trudged towards the main entry of the school. I used to think of this building, this school as someway of personally torturing myself. A symbol that 5 days a week kept reminding me that I'm so far from home, so far from my mom, dad, family, my friends, Dex. But I now see it as some sort of path, some sort of stoplight I just need to stop at before advancing on.
The memories that I locked securely into my mind, never to touch, never to rummage, seemed to be haunting me now. and every time i heard the word "home" it stung, like a wild bee. It seemed to be a foreign place, that was so far away it seemed impossible to reach. I guess the worst part about it is, I miss the time with friends, and family. When Bruno's familiar arm was wrapped around my shoulder, so he could feel triumph of his height. And Dex on my other side laughing, or would he now after we told each other how we feel? I'd never ever find out....
Bruno's memory seemed to feel so real at the moment. But I just looked down, shutting my eyes tightly, trying to think of something else. Then when the warm, familiar arm didn't go way, i noticed, there was a warm arm around me.
I looked at the golden arm, it couldn't be. I searched slowly up the muscular arm to the shoulder, then to the face.
His old green eyes looked relaxed calm, and his angular face was smiling. His ruffled blond hair that fell just below his eye brows, shinny gold seemed to unreal. His white t-shirt striped with green made his big green eyes stand out even more. One thing was for sure, this wasn't a dream. Sweat starting forming on m neck, and I started to feel it trickle down my spine. my mouth was dry, and fell slightly open. It felt like one of those times when shock hits you so hard your legs feel like their going to buckle. My stomach flipped and felt like i was about to throw up.
"Hey there, lil' sis." his taunting best friend voice said, then stars starting comming from everwhere, the world was turning. Then everything went black.

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just random things.

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