laugh when you want to cry

October 23, 2009
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When you feel sad, alone, or unappreciated please just think back to when you read this.

Hi, my name is Bailey and I am one of those girls who is always in a good mood. I love to have a good time, and I’m always thinking on the brighter side of things. Believe it or not I’ve had s very hard past few years. You see, in the beginning of the summer coming out of fourth grade something happened that would change my life forever. There was an incident over in a different state that would absolutely change me.
I was on vacation with my family, and we were trying to get a good look at the view. I had to use the bathroom so I stepped out for a moment. When I was washing my hands I heard screaming so walked to the area with all the people surrounding something that I didn’t know. As I pushed through the crowd with my, “not so strong” muscles I could barely see what I needed to see, that my family is okay and they are still on the bridge, in the car, waiting for me. I tried to hear their voices through all of the chatter, I couldn’t, and that absolutely killed me. I felt the way little kids do when they can’t find their parents at an amusement park.
Suddenly I see the back of my dads’ head, his hands are cupped around his face and he’s in complete awe. So I pushed through the crowd I’m almost there, when I see a woman laying there. On the ground and not even moving I notice her face and I think I know it. With her dark brown hair and bright red shoes, I was there when she bought them. Her eyes are wide like the life was just sucked out of her. So, I know her face… it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s her. She could’ve given her shoes to someone who needed them. She just happened to have the same hair and same face.
I’m standing next to my dad now, with tears in my eyes. She had a long life and a great family. She had to go sometime and when that time were to come I would still have to cry. Looking back on it now I think I should smile because God has a plan, and we have to trust, that whatever he does, he does it for a reason. So when you think your time is near just know that God is watching over you. He is your guardian angel no matter where you go, what you do, or who you encounter, he’s always there to protect you. He wants you to be happy and from time to time he might just be looking your way and you can’t help but laugh. So when you feel down, alone, sad, or unappreciated just look up and you may see him. So when you think of who you’ll be, or who you are, just laugh even when you want to cry.

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