Blessings In Disguise (5)

October 22, 2009
By leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
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“I think I’m going to head home too. I have to work tomorrow morning, and if you want me to take care of Gage tomorrow, I need sleep,” Jill told Brylie.
“Okay, Mom and Dad. That’s fine, but I’m staying here. I’ll just see ya’ll in the morning,” she said.
They agreed and kissed her and gave Gage a hug and told him to get some sleep.
“Goodnight, ya’ll,” they said as they were walking out the door.
Brylie looked at Shelly and she was in the chair next to Gage. She was holding his hand. She looked really scared.
“Are you going to stay the night here, too?” Brylie asked Shelly.
“Yes, I am,” she replied, “I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow like your parents.”
“What about you, Sam?” Brylie asked.
“Well, I can miss. I can get out of work if my son is in the hospital,” he said. “So, yes I’m staying the night.”
“Ya’ll can just make a bed on the floor,” gage told them.
“Whatever! You’re moving over, and we are all sleeping with you,” Sam said jokingly.
They all started laughing.
“Well, I’m getting tired. This medicine makes me sleepy.” Gage said.
“Well, we will let you go to sleep. We will be here in the morning,” Brylie said.
“Well, goodnight, ya’ll.”
“Goodnight,” they all said.
That night Brylie could not sleep she tossed and turned all night. She fell asleep around 5 in the morning.

The next morning around 8 Gage woke up and then woke up Brylie.
“Morning, Baby,” Gage said.
“Morning. Did you sleep well?”
“This medicine helped a lot. That’s probably why I slept so well,” Gage said.
“Do you want anything to eat?” she asked. “My mom should be here pretty soon.”
“No I’m not hungry, thanks,” he said.
They lay on the bed together talking, and then Jill walked in.
“Morning kids. How are you, Gage?” Jill asked Gage.
“I’m fine. The medicine is working. I can’t feel anything in my body, so if I’m hurting I don’t feel it,” he laughed.
“Alright. Well, let me go get your MRI and get this show on the road,” Jill said.
When Jill left the room, Brylie woke Shelly and Sam.
“Morning, ya’ll. My mom went and got the test, and I thought maybe ya’ll would like to hear the news.”
“Thanks for waking us up. We need to get up,” Sam said.
“Yes, thanks Brylie,” Shelly said too.
“Morning, Honey, how do you feel?” Shelly asked.
“I’m fine. The medicine is doing good and I don’t feel anything.” he explained.
“Well, that’s good, Baby,” Shelly said.
Right after that Jill walked in with the MRI, and she put it up on the display with a light behind it.
“Well your bones are crushed on both legs,” she started explaining. “But the easy way to explain it is that you will be in a wheel chair. We will have to do rehab and see if you will be able to walk.”

Shelly and Brylie started crying at the same time.
“Ya’ll don’t cry. I’m still here and alive, unlike the drunk,” he told them.
After he said that they cleared their tears away and felt a lot better.
“I can’t believe you’re paralyzed,” Brylie said.
“I can’t believe I am here and didn’t die last night,” Gage said.
“Me, too. That would have been the worst thing that could happen to me and you,” Brylie told him.
She sat next to him and hugged him. They lay there waiting on Jill to get back with his information.
“My mom needs to hurry with the results,” Brylie said.
Right when she said that Jill walked in.
“Good news,” Jill said.
“Really, what is it?” Gage asked.
“Well, you will be out of here today,” she started, “but we will need you here tomorrow to run more tests on you. Than we can start rehab for your legs.”
“Really? That’s good. I’m excited,” he said with a big grin on his face.
They all sat there with smiles on their faces.
“What time do I get to leave today?” he asked.
“Right now. Let me go get a wheel chair,” Jill said.

After she went and got a wheelchair they left the hospital. Brylie went to Gage’s house and stayed with him.

The next couple of months Gage’s legs improved while he was doing rehab. Brylie grew bigger, and they lived every day praying that their life would be better.
The last time, they went to rehab the doctor said Gage will have to be in a wheelchair for at least one year. Brylie had her baby in December and she named him Kreidon Ross. Gage stayed in the wheelchair, but by June of the next year he was walking. Gage and Brylie graduated from high school, married, and stayed together for eternity.

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