Blessings In Disguise (3)

October 22, 2009
By leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
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The next morning Brylie got up at six. She went downstairs and ate breakfast and talked to her mom.
“I’m going to come get you out of school for the doctor at 10, okay?” Jill told Brylie.
“Okay, Mom. That’s fine, and Shelly wants to come. I invited her,” Brylie said.
“That’s fine. I like Shelly, so that is no problem,” She replied.
After that conversation with her mom she went up stairs and got ready for school. It was about 7:15 when Gage got there.
“Morning, ya’ll,” Gage said when he was walking in the door.
Jack was already gone for work he gets up about 5 and leaves around 6. Jill was getting ready for work. She had to be there by 8, but her job was only 10 minutes away from the house.
“Morning baby,” Brylie replied. “Did you sleep good last night?”
“Yes, did you?” he asked
“Not really,” she replied.
Brylie went upstairs and grabbed her backpack while Gage sat downstairs with her mom.
“Oh yea, I’m going to the doctor at ten today,” Brylie said. “Are you going to go with us?”
“Yes, I’m going. I would not miss it for the world,” Gage said.
At ten o’clock in the morning Brylie’s and Gage’s mom came and took them to the doctor. The doctor’s office was across town from the school and when they got there it was busy.
“Did you set me up an appointment mom?” Brylie asked.
“Yes, it is set for 10:15, but the doctor might have to deliver over at the hospital,” Jill replied.
“Okay,” Brylie said.
They sat there about an hour before they got into the doctor to see him. Doctor Reyes was a tall, dark skinned, dark haired man. He has kids that go to school with Brylie and Gage, and one of his sons is in Brylie’s grade.
“How are you today?” Doctor Reyes asked.
“I’m good. I just need to know how far along I am.”
“Is this your mother?” he asked.
“Yes, and this is my boyfriend of 2 years and his mother,” she replied.
They sat down around a table, and he took a sonogram.
“Well, it’s showing about 12 weeks, so that means you’re 3 months along,” he told them.
“Dang, three months,” Brylie said, looking over at Gage and her mom.
“Well, you already went through your first trimester. I will give you some prenatal vitamins,” he told Brylie.
“Thank you, sir,” she said.
“Well, I’ll bring you back here in a month and then we should be able to tell you what you are having,” he said.
“That will be great,” Jill replied.

As they were walking out the doctor said behind them, “If ya’ll need anything let me know.”

When they got home, they ate lunch and sat around the table and talked. They picked up chicken from Chicken Express.
“Well, what do ya’ll want to have, a boy or girl?” Shelly asked Gage and Brylie.
“I really don’t care what it is. I’m getting excited about it though,” he said.
“Yea, I really want a boy because I’m a girl and I see how high maintenance I am I just want a boy,” Brylie said.
Everyone looked at her and started laughing.
“What?” she asked.
“I don’t know about the high maintenance. Gage can be a pain in the butt, but I would never change him,” Shelly told Brylie.
“Aw, that’s sweet, Mom,” Gage said.
They talked the rest of the day around the table. Jill took off work and Brylie and Gage didn’t go back to school and Shelly is a stay at home mom. So they didn’t rush the conversations or anything.
About 5 o’clock Jack got home and Shelly and gage were already gone. Gage was coming back over around 7 to hang out before they had to go to bed.
“How was the doctor today, Sweetie?” Jack asked.
“Well it was good. I’m 3 months along already, and I already went through my first trimester,” she told her dad. “And I go back in a month, and they will be able to tell me what I am having.”
“Really? That’s cool. What do you want?” he asked.
“Boy,” she said.
“Cool, girls are too high maintenance anyways,” Jack said.
“That’s what I said,” she told her dad. “Gage said he didn’t care, boy or girl, he will love it the same.”
“He better!” Jack told Brylie.

They sat at the table for a little bit. They ate dinner, and after seven Gage showed up.

“Hey, Baby.” Brylie said when Gage came through the door.

“Hey, Beautiful. What are you doing?” he said.

“Just talking to my dad since like 5,” she told him.
They walked over to the table where Jack was sitting.

“Hey, Gage. How are you tonight?”

“Good. Just came over to hang out with Brylie. It’s been a long day.” Gage told Jack.
They sat around the table and talked about the doctor appointment. Than it was getting late, so Gage had to go.

“Well, I need to get home. I’ll call you when I get home.” Gage told Brylie.

“Okay, Baby. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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