blessings In Disguise (2)

October 22, 2009
They headed out the door and got in Gage’s truck. They started to his house, and it takes about ten Brylie wanted to ask Gage so many questions, but she didn’t know how to ask him.
“What were you and my dad talking about outside?” Brylie asked.
“Nothing really, just to take care of you,” Gage said.
“Okay, Baby, sorry my dad did that to you,” she told them.
“No, I would have done the same thing if that was my baby girl,” Gage replied.
She sat there not saying anything. She just nodded in agreement.
“Are you okay, Baby?” Gage asked Brylie before they pulled into the drive way of his house.
“Yes, I am fine. Thanks for asking,” she said while getting out of the truck.
While they were walking up to the door, his parents meet them outside. His mom was in the garden, and his dad was sitting at the table under a shaded tree.
“Hey, kids. How are ya‘ll today?” Shelly asked.
“Hi, Mom. We are good,” Gage said, giving her a hug.
“How are you, Brylie?” Sam asked as he was walking over her to give her a hug.
“I’m good,” she replied.
“Ya’ll come sit down,” Sam said.
As they went to sit down, Shelly realized something was wrong.
“What’s wrong, ya’ll?” Shelly asked.
They stood there staring at each other not saying anything.
“Well, we kind of hit a bump in the road,” Gage said.
“What is it?” Sam asked with a clueless look on his face.
“Well, don’t get mad,” Gage said staring at Brylie. “Mom and Dad, Brylie is pregnant.”
They sat there in silence for a minute, and then Shelly got up and walked over to Brylie and gave her a hug.
“What are ya‘ll going to do, Gage?” Sam asked as he looked at him, shaking his head.
“I don’t know yet,” he said looking down at the ground. “Brylie goes tomorrow to Dr. Reyes and we will find out how far along she is.”
“Good thing your mom is a doctor because she knows what baby doctors are good and who is not.” Shelly told Brylie.
Brylie took Gage’s hand and told him it would be okay.
“Yes, ma’am. My mother said he is a good doctor and that he will take care of me.”

They sat around the table and talked for about an hour.
“Well, Brylie’s parents invited us for dinner so we need to get back over there. It is getting late,” Gage said to his parents while they were getting up.
“Alright, well, call me tomorrow and tell me how the doctor appointment went.”
“I will, and you’re more than welcome to come with us if you want,” Brylie told Shelly.
“I would love to, thanks,” Shelly replied.
As they were walking to the truck, his parents went inside, and they got in and headed back across town to Brylie’s house. That night they had chicken and mashed potatoes and corn and sweet tea. They sat around the table and talked until about ten that night.
“Well, it’s getting late and we have school tomorrow. I should head start heading home ya’ll,” Gage told them.
“Okay. Well have a good night and drive safe,” Jack said to him.
“Well, call me when you get home so I know you made it there,” Brylie said to him.
“Okay baby, I love you,” he said.
“I love you, too!” she said as he walked out the door.
Brylie went up stairs and waited on Gage to call. The phone rang.
“Hello,” she answered.
“Hey, I made it home, Baby,” He replied.
“Okay, Well, I’m really tired,” she said.
“Me too,” he answered back.
“Are you going to come get me in the morning for school?” she asked him.
“Yes, I always come get you every morning,” he replied. “Why would I not in the morning?”
“I don’t know, I guess I’m just worried you won’t want to be with me now, because I’m pregnant,” she said.
“Baby, I will always be with you and be here for you no matter what,” he told her. “Don’t think things like that anymore. If I didn’t want to be with you I wouldn’t have been with you at the beginning.”
There was a long pause before she spoke.
“Thanks, Baby. That helps so much,” she told him.
“Well, I’m going to get to bed so I can get some rest,” he said.
“Okay, baby. I love you, good night, sweet dreams,” She told him.
“I love you too, good night, sweet dreams,” he replied.
“Bye baby.”

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