Blessings In Disguise (Part I)

October 22, 2009
By leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
leslie91 SILVER, Mingus, Texas
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“I cannot believe this” Brylie said.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Gage asked.
“I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive,” she replied.
Brylie is a sixteen year old girl and is still in school. She lives with her mom and dad. Their house is very nice. They live in a two story, brick house, with a porch going all the way around it. She is an only child, but she has cousins. Her mom got really sick with her, and so they had to take out the female parts when she came to the earth.
He looked at her and could not say a word. He looked like he saw a ghost.
“What are we going to do?” she asked him.
“I don’t know baby this happened so quick I never thought this would happen to us,” He replied, while he was nervously chewing on his nails.

Gage is a seventeen year old. He is a junior in high school. He lives with his mom and dad also. He is on the other side of town from Brylie. He lives pretty wealth. He lives in a nice cabin house, and he has an older brother that goes to college in Texas. With his brother out on his own, he is pretty much like an only child.
“I know. Me neither,” Brylie said.
“Well, whatever happens I’m here no matter what,” Gage told her.

They stood there hugging. He looked down at her while she was crying.
“Everything will be fine,” he told her as he kissed her on the forehead.
“I know. I’m just scared baby,” she replied.
“I am too,” he said.
As they stood there they were worried sick about what they were going to say to their parents.
“I think we should tell mine first,” Brylie told Gage.
“Good idea. Your parents are calmer than mine,” Gage said.
They were already at Brylie’s house. They were up in her room, and her mom walked in the house right when they walked down the stairs.
“Hey, mom,” Brylie said,” How was work?”
“Hey kids. How are ya‘ll? And work was busy,” Jill replied.
Jill works as a doctor. She has been a doctor for fifteen years.
“This flu stuff is killing me. Everyone keeps thinking their child has it because how of it is spreading,” Jill told them as they sat at the bar in the kitchen.” Did anything interesting happen today at school?”
“School was boring as usual,” Brylie said.” But we need to talk to you and dad about something. When is dad going to be home?”
“Is everything okay?” she asked with a clueless look on her face. “And dad was right behind me. He stopped at the store.”
“Okay, well we will wait for dad to get home and we will talk about it,” Brylie told her mom.

When Brylie looked over at Gage, he looked so nervous. Brylie didn’t know what to say to him as they waited for her dad to get home.

Brylie’s dads name is Jack, and he is a state trooper. He has been a state trooper for twenty years and he enjoys his work. Brylie’s parents have been together since they were in high school and got married a month after they graduated.

The door open and Jack walked through the door.
“Hey Dad, how was work? Did you give anyone tickets today?” Brylie asked right when he walked in the kitchen.
“No, I didn’t. Hey, Gage how are you?”
“I’m good,” he said, worried what was going to happen when they told him.
“Hi, Baby. How was work? Jack asked Jill finally after making it around the bar.
“Work was busy with it being flu season,” Jill told him.
“That doesn’t sound like fun. I hope you don’t get the flu this year. I heard it was bad,” he told her as he walked to the icebox to fix some tea.
“I do too,” she replied.

Brylie and Gage sat there scared to death. They stared at each other, and then finally Jill interrupted.
“Don’t ya’ll need to tell me and Jack something?” she asked, looking over at Brylie and Gage.
“Yes, we do have something to tell ya’ll,” Brylie said, looking over at her dad; she didn’t know what he was going to do with Gage or her. “Please don’t get mad.”
“What is it sweetie?” Jack asked.
“Mom and Dad, I love ya’ll so much,” Brylie said crying. “I just have to tell ya’ll. I’m pregnant.”
They were so shocked, and they just stared at Brylie and Gage. They could not believe what they just heard.
“Do what, Brylie?” Jack asked.
“I’m sorry, Dad,” she said.
Jill just started crying and still could not believe what she was told.
“You’re going to stay around, right Gage?” Jill asked.
“Yes ma’am, I am,” he told her. “I’ll always be here for Brylie.”
“Thanks Gage,” She said.
Jack walked over to Gage and asked him to go outside and talk with him.
“I wonder what they are talking about,” Brylie said to her mom after they walked outside.
“I do too,” Jill said.

They watched out the window and they could only hear a little bit. Jack said, “You better take care of her.” Then they heard him say, “Why did ya’ll not use protection.” But they couldn’t hear much of anything from inside.
Ten minutes later the guys walked back in, and Brylie and Jill were sitting at the table talking.
“We will go to Dr. Reyes and see how far you are along,” Jill said.
“Okay, Mom,” she replied.
“So have ya’ll told your parents yet, Gage?” Jack asked.
“No, we haven’t. We wanted to tell you first,” Gage said.
“We need to go over there and tell them,” Brylie replied.
“Well ya’ll head over there and tell them, and ya’ll come back and eat diner tonight,” Jill said.
“Okay mom.” Brylie said.

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