The Dot

October 22, 2009
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There was a time when the universe consisted of just on dot. One measly little point in an endless sea of nothing. For eternities there was just one dot moving around from one spot to the next. But it wasn’t really moving ‘cause everything was nothing, and moving got it nowhere. This puzzled the dot, and it philosophized, with out words mind you, whether it was really moving. For an age the dot moved back and forth, but was it really moving? It couldn’t tell. This dance, which may have moved it nowhere, actually got it somewhere. It began to think. His thoughts had no language, because he didn’t have anyone to talk with, and no images, because there was nothing to see. Yet they were thoughts nonetheless. He thought maybe, he didn’t know how, he could split himself in two. It willed himself to split. For 300,000,000 years, which felt like seconds, the dot hung in space, yearning to break in two. This went on forever, and finally the dot felt a need for a new approach. So instead of willing itself to break in two, it yearned to split in half. It ached for a change. Desired to be smaller. Aspired to become two. This went on until finally the dot all but lost hope in splitting in two. In fact that was all it had left, hope. It hoped that somehow it would change. It was a last despairing wish of the dot, the whole volume of this dot quivered, sending one last wish. And then it happened, one became two and the dot exploded with joy. Unfortunately, the intensity of the dot’s emotion actually blew the dot up, for it is only extreme emotion that ever gets anything done, and the once big and all powerful dot became a meaningless fraction of the whole. It was the strange for the dot. Not what he expected. He was so yellow. And he expected everything to still be him. But they all acted according to their own emotion. Some raced through space, some merely hung. This brought much joy for the dot, because this proved that he had in fact been moving. The dot skipped gleefully across space, lost in thought and unaware of what was around him, he bumped into another dot. This was the end for our dot. When a portion of his being brushed that of the other dot, a cataclysmic nothing came from it. Something had definitely happened but the effects were nowhere to be seen. Other dots cautiously inspected this area. First the circled the area to see if the could catch a glimpse of anything. Then they moved closer in. They entered something; they could feel it in their bones. But it couldn’t be seen and it couldn’t be felt. They stayed there for half an age, inspecting what it was they were in. When they finally gave up their search, they all slowly left the area. Some remained, certain they could find the cause of this. The others went back to dance among the other dots. But the other dots refused to get near these dots. Confused, the dots looked at themselves. They thought they were normal, but indeed after studying each other, they noticed a huge change had come about them. Some were now green, purple, red, and blue. Some, a combination of colors. That was definitely weird. All lost in thought they slowly moved around unaware of anything except their own thoughts. A few times they even bumped into each other. The first time this happened they all froze in shock. But when the only reaction was the dots rebounding in different directions, they all went on their own way thinking twice as hard as before. The second time it happened it was a high speed collision. The dots were furious and were moving back and forth. When these two hit, they were split and little bits of themselves was sent hurtling in every direction.

Back in the cluster of yellow dots, they all stood precariously still, nervous of what had become of the colored dots and nervous to blink out of existence like the two in the beginning of existence. They became even more frightened and nervous when they what had become of the other dots. Those colors were despicable, it was truly a terrible sight. Then when they saw pieces from the dots that had crashed into each other come hurtling towards them, the panicked, afraid of what may become. They were torn between attempting to avoid these projectiles and risking touching another dot. But theses dots were confident they would be more careful this time, and they all began moving. But the red, green and blue projectiles were too many and too fast for them to avoid. In horror they watched as the pieces merged with the yellow dot. Five seconds after these projectiles went into the dots, an explosion of yellow-orange shot out the side. This really riled the dots up, and when they saw more pieces coming toward them, chaos ensued. They dodged up and down, side to side. But still the projectiles came. Every once in a while one of the yellow dots was struck and an explosion ensued. But the pieces only became thicker, and in the confusion two of the yellow dots touched. Just like last time they winked out of existence, yet they were definitely still there. The yellow dots immediately tried to evacuate the vicinity as soon as possible. However, for those unlucky few that were next to the two dots, they morphed so they could never be yellow again.

The dots frightened and confused called everybody together. The Great Meeting was held, and for centuries, for they wanted to keep it brief, they discussed ways to keep order and balance. They experimented with different dot arrangements, and it soon became apparent that most of the colored dots yearned for qualities the yellow dot gave them; they felt warmer, more comfortable. The yellow dots also didn’t want to be near other yellow dots, and they decided that the best way to go was to have yellow dots very spread out, and colored dots surrounding the yellow ones. This pleased everyone and they were about to organize themselves, when a colored dot brought up the little flying colored dots that were flying around the universe. They decided to gather these up and change their course so they went around in a circle around a yellow dot. The yellow dots didn’t care one way or another because they didn’t harm them in the slightest and all was organized. The dots took up their positions, the yellow dots making sure they had enough room between themselves, and the colored dots set up rings around the yellow dots. But the yellow dots were still wary, and they have eternally slowly moved outward and away from each other.

And thus the universe was born. The entire universe we know, and don’t know, today can all amount to one tiny little point in space.

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