Firefly Philosophy

November 9, 2009
By Kelsey Trumpp BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Kelsey Trumpp BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Evening had finally brought clear skies, the storm clouds relinquishing their claim after light showers. Despite this seemingly dreary setback, the air was crisp and fresh. Spring was only just beginning to fade into the past and already summer fever had taken hold. And it wasn’t letting go.

On the lake-front beach, several forms raced across the sand. The feeling of summer had infected them. Bodies swayed back and forth as steady beats of music trudged on. Crickets added their sweet hum to the ambiance and both types of melodies were caught by a soft breeze and swept away. A few celebrators sat by a warm fire. It seemed as if even the flames were dancing, twisting and reeling in abstract shapes.

The reason for this party can best be described by exploring the emotions of those gathered on the beach that night. School was over and done, freeing students for a few precious months. Clearly, the party-goers were seizing every free moment. It was time for swimming and vacations, and best of all, being together. This was living.
One particular boy named Anderson Short, sat with his back to the fire. He stared at the gentle waves as they licked the sand and slowly withdrew, as if they didn’t like the taste. His normally neat dirty blond hair was messy. It stuck up at odd angles, defying the very human it grew from. He ran his fingers through it, only causing it to perform more wild antics. For Anderson, this party was a distraction. He had simply come because every one of his friends as attending. And still he sat alone, the only warmth coming from the flames lapping up the air at his back.
As a few more people arrived to celebrate, Andy turned around, glancing into the trees to see who had decided to come. Golden flecks of light speckled the darkness, blinking and flashing their glow. As if they were choreographed to the music, fireflies flickered in the trees. Anderson stood, brushing the sand from his shorts. He rubbed his hands together, rolling grains away. Maybe it was best for him to get going. This summer wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, he was probably the only kid at the party to wish for school to start back up already. What an odd teenager indeed.
He began walking away, feeling the night’s chill wrapping him in its dark blanket as he left the fire. Soon, he was amongst the lightning bugs. Surprised, he stopped to watch their synchronized dance in awe. For them, another dark spot had ended and a light moment in time was illuminated. The fireflies brought stars to earth as they sparkled. As they danced about, they celebrated the coming of another new beginning, another summer.
As Anderson fell into a trance of their glowing flight paths, he began to realize this firefly philosophy. Every valley leads to a mountain, every darkness has a light. And just as he had followed the insect’s lights, he could find the light on his path too. With a smile that hadn’t graced Andy’s face in weeks, the boy reached into the sky and snatched a star-like creature. He chuckled to himself as he held the little beacon of hope. Still grinning, Anderson turned and walked back to the party. Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.

The author's comments:
This piece was originally written as a free write in Creative Writing class from the theme "parties". I simply led my ideas lead me and this is the result.

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