Midsummer’s Ball

November 15, 2009
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Sugar is sweet, lemons are not, but you may enjoy them when it’s hot. On a hot summer’s day you might ask, “Where is everybody?” and the answer is the Midsummer’s Ball. At the Midsummer’s Ball everybody frolics about not knowing what will happen, but hoping things will turn out. There is food by the buckets, and not a crumb more; there are flowers and dancing, and beautiful décor. There is savory chicken, 20 at least, poached quail eggs and fruit along with roast boar. Smoked ham and fish, buttered corn, (so delish!) Loaves of sweet bread, candied walnuts and grapes galore. All fine food for the Midsummer’s ball. Frosted hot buns filled with sugar and jam, a small Danish treat for a small Danish man. Baked hazelnuts with honey and sugar all around, salty cheese, and bread, and to wash it all down, wine by the barrel, but don’t worry, its red!

After the feast, there is dancing none-the-less. The girls are in ball gowns with ruby red ribbons and grand golden silk. Lined with lace and embroidered with pure silver thread the dresses make even the solemnest faces turn red. Diamonds & Sapphires on a girl’s necklace make her suitors heads turn and the dancing reckless. Shoes studded with emeralds, woven with gold! A breathtaking copper hem with hundreds and hundreds of gold billowing tresses. The boys wear tunics, black and white of course, for a wonderful evening with a wonderful course. They’ll all dance until midnight, ‘til the clock strikes twelve, then it’s time for a well deserved rest, but not before nightsong. One by one or two by two by two each couple will leave and begin a new. But next month oh next month you’ll suddenly find everyone gathered again! This time, at the Midautumn’s Dine.

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