The Last Skipping Stone

November 4, 2009
By jaimieolson3 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
jaimieolson3 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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It has already been 4 years since my mother died. Today was the day that I really thought about how much I missed her, as I held the last stone that me and her picked out 4 years ago. My mother had been ill for a long time, and our whole family was surprised that she lasted that long. It was the first day that my mother had gotten out of bed in months, as my father and i helped her out of bed and down the hill to our pond in the back yard. My mother and I were picking up stones, naming them because it entertained me and put a smile on my face, I guess thats all my mom wanted to really see. Ally, jimmy, bobby, louise, anne, etc. there were so many but some how we ended up getting all of them into one huge pile. Slowly picking them up, I skipped a few into the pond. I looked back to see my father and mother sitting on our bench by the river leading to our pond, I couldn't help but to smile and think now this is how it should be.(: I looked back at the river, and in a split second I changed from that happy smile to tears rushing down my face and hitting the rocks. “Mother is gonna be gone soon,” I thought to myself. As I chucked a rock into the pond, one after another and another. Life without mom is like life with out air, my mom was my best friend, and right now my only friend. I can't loose her I just can't...........
“Sarah, honey time for dinner” my mother said sweetly,
I wiped the tears off my face, put on a smile, and turned and ran to my parents. “I just won't think if it right now” I kept saying to myself. That night I laid in bed, my mother came in to say goodnight and I love you. “love you too mom” I smiled and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to find my father at the dining table crying and silent....... I slowly walked over to him “Father.....whats........wrong?” I stuttered.
“Sarah, Mother never woke up.....” He tried to say comforting, and carefully even though it felt the total opposite. Like something jabbed me in the heart and someone was choking me because I couldn't even breathe.

Now that was four years ago, and i''m holding the last skipping stone that my mother and me picked out. 3,2,1 I scream and chuck it into the pond. Falling to the ground crying, I say under my breath “bye mom......”

The author's comments:
this was a short story for class.

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