A glance from the past.

November 3, 2009
By MissCharlotteDreamer SILVER, Everett, Massachusetts
MissCharlotteDreamer SILVER, Everett, Massachusetts
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“The sound of rain slivered its way through my whole body. And the rocky ground snuck its way through the tent to my back. Tossing and turning through the whole storm I rose that morning due to faint sound of sirens. All of a sudden the noise got louder and people’s voices were heard outside. Then I looked over to see Ray squirming but more important than that Mom was bleeding intensely. Shock kicked in and finally I noticed that I was trapped in. A tree was laying on my tiny stomach and while struggling to move, I became helpless. Then when I thought all hope was lost I was pulled out along with Ray. We were put in the corner with our eldest brother Leo as we watched her get hauled away into an ambulance truck. After this we all went into different cars and were separated for days on end. Until one day while staying with my aunt I got a call. I was told that my mother died while in surgery and in an hour I was going to go back to live with my father and brothers. And that was the worst experience of my life.” The other students applaud “Thank you Emma now does anyone have a questions?” The teacher points to someone and they start to speak. “If you could go back would you try to stop that from happening?” Emma takes in a deep breath then responds “ Of course I really would love to have my life back.” Just as the words slipped from Emma’s lips she is hit with a beam of blinding light and all of a sudden she was back in the forest. She looks around but there was no reasoning for her mysterious transport. Then a voice coming from the heavens spoke to her as if they were her own thoughts. “You are lucky to be given this chance to fix this event so be wise with your decision.” Emma takes a breath and looks around trying to find her way. At that moment she heard voices somewhere off in the distance. Normal voices of people that she once knew. Breathing heavy Emma walks slowly towards the people. But once the excitement settled in her body she ran towards the life that she once new. As Emma pushed her way through the trees but she’s greeted by absolute terror. The scenes replayed again and again in her head. Her in the tent and then watching her mom being pulled away not knowing it was the last time she would ever be seeing her. Tears escaped from her eyes as she pushed through the last tree and saw she was too late. The ambulance was already driving away and the cars with her and her brothers followed shortly after it. Feeling defeated, Emma drops to the ground. At that moment everything backs up until she was suddenly back into the forest where she had started. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Emma stands up to listen to the guiding voice once again. “Emma, you have failed to stop the event from taking place. So you have been given more time do not take it for granted.” Washing away empty thoughts, Emma immediately starts walking towards the site. Knowing what is about to happen kills all hope, but knowing there is a chance for it to change makes it all better. Once Emma reaches the site she sees her family getting into the tent and runs over to stop them.. “Um Ray don’t go into there.” Ray looks at her frightened and runs into the tent. All of a sudden Leo walks out of the tent and starts talking to Emma. “I don’t know who you are lady but leave our family alone.” Shocked by his harsh tone Emma takes a step back but then realizes the danger and continues to plead. “ Im sorry but there is a storm brewing it would be safer to sleep in the trailer over there.” Leo looks at her puzzled by her courage. “ Well I think we are willing to take our chances so please leave you are trespassing on our property. Hurt, Emma begs trying to save her family from crumbling but it is no use. She feels unsuccessful as her feet struggle to put one in front of the other. Knowing that no good is going to happen to her family the next morning. Walking back into the woods proved to be one of the hardest things that Emma would do in her life. Thought were racing as she approached the forest. Memories of all the good times with her mother came flooding back to her. The day she went to the doctors for the first time and when she first put on makeup. All of these memories brought on tears, but not of sadness. She finally go to her destination and then fell on the spot that was supposed to b marked for her greatness as the person who rewrote destiny. Mixed emotions settled in Emma’s stomach. Her knowledge of tomorrow’s events hurt her intensely. And her head started to spin with wild thoughts. The pain finally gets to her functioning and the she passes out. Waking up as if from a bad dream Emma screams and then jumps to her feet. Frantically looking around Emma notices that she is still in the forest. Then as a chance to fix mistakes she starts running. A guiding voice from the heavens shines down on her. “This is your last chance to make a right of this wrong. So make the right choice.” Emma sees the sun rising and predicts what’s about to happen. Knowing what she has to do Emma stops in her tracks to watch the whole ugly scene in front of her eyes. The tree then falls and she starts to hear the siren in the distance. People start crowding around while her dad from the past uncontrollably starts trying to move the tree off the tent. And that’s when she saw herself. So innocent without a care in the world but to be with her loving family. Emma then has the precious smile wiped from her face as she looks over to her mom. So much blood was everywhere that it made her wanna cry even at an older age. Then the whole nasty seen faded as Emma was suddenly back in the present standing in front of the class. Once again the other students applaud and the teacher says “Thank you Emma now does anyone have a questions?” Then teacher points to someone and they start to speak. “If you could go back would you try to stop that from happening?” Emma then replies “Of course I would love to have my mom and old life back but it wouldn’t be right.” After a quick smile Emma sits back in her seat. The bell rings and Emma gets up to walk home. Looking around she sees all the trees and knows that what she has done was right. She then looks to the sky and sees her mom’s face in the clouds. “I am really happy with your wise decision. I don’t regret a thing. And now I hope that you wont either.” Then her mom fades back into the sky. Smiling now, Emma walks home to be with her loving family. Knowing that her mother is watching her from a better place.

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