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November 3, 2009
By dylan bates BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
dylan bates BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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“Hello everybody welcome to the M.A.N. club.” I shot an announcement. “So who is going to be racing tonight?” “Not me”, said Pedro with a sign of fear.
“Why Not, I asked. I got into a car wreck, and I am afraid to race. “Ok I will”, said Rosco being brave even though he didn’t want to race. “Well lets do it“, I said.
Later that night at the starting line just over by Kimball the racers were getting started. “There are four checkpoints you are to go down Kimball from there you will go to the high school.” “Then you will go to the airport come back and head down Tuttle Creek blvd.” “And finish out at Rocky ford.” And the best part is the winner shall receive six thousand dollars.” The announcer comes on the speaker. “Racers star your engines!” The starting line was intense and everyone was nervous and waiting for the go.


There was the smell of burnt rubber as they raced off. As Rosco took off in his dark green 1997 Chevy Camaro SS he noticed something about the car. He headed towards the first checkpoint when he noticed his steering wheel start to shake all of a sudden Rosco’s front tire flies off causing him to flip violently in the school parking lot. Causing the car to smash like a pop can, and damaging the new paved lot.

Back at the club, “Where is Rosco!” Smitty yelled. The race was over five minutes ago, and Rosco was nowhere to be found. Later that night Pedro was reading the newspaper. “Oh no” Pedro said. There was a picture of a green Camaro flipped over in the ditch with the report of one casualty.

Luckily the casualty was not Rosco, he was completely fine the casualty was his tricked out Camaro SS. When Rosco got back to the club, he was furious. “I can’t believe I wrecked my fifty thousand dollar car!” “Now how am I going to get them girls without my sweet ride?”

”Well you could start by brushing your teeth”, said Smitty.
Rosco threw his hands in the air walking away. “At least I don’t smell like fish all the time.” “Fair enough”, said Smitty. Twenty minutes later the cops showed up asking questions, like who wrecked the car and why it was in the school parking lot. As the cops gave Rosco the fifth degree, you could see the sweat dripping from his head. “Your in a lot of trouble” said the police officer. Rosco was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car, and was arrested.
Later the next morning Smitty was fishing and not getting lucky. He yelled out with fiery anger his face looking like a red pepper. “I wish I could catch big fish!” So he went home. And watched TV to try and calm his anger.
The next day Pedro drove his orange Toyota Supra to Smitty’s house. Smitty was working on his black Chevelle SS. “Hey Pedro” said Smitty, “You ready to race?” “Yea I think im ready”. They drove to Zeandale road at Midnight. “Are we racing for money or pink slips?” Smitty asked. There was a pause. “Pink slips” said Pedro with a slight grin. As they reved their engines, the starter got on the line, “are you ready” he asked, “yea” said Pedro. “Are you ready” yes. Said Smitty.
As he heard the roar of Smitty's car, Pedro punched the accelerator and he was off, Smitty close behind. They swerved around corners hitting speeds of almost 120 mph and all the sudden a deer ran across the road causing Smitty to swerve and lose the lead he was catching up to Pedro but he was to fast. Pedro crossed the finish line first but after he talked a little smack and showing respect to his friend he allowed Smitty to keep his car, even though he blew his doors off. Smitty thanked his friend, and congratulated him on winning. The next day at the M.A.N. club they all talked about their current problems like there past relations, wives, and they bounced solutions off each other.
Later that month, Smitty finally caught the town’s biggest fish. He wore a grin ear to ear as he was awarded fisherman of the year by the local fish and game society. He also won a big fishing boat in part of the tournament. My friend Pedro finally overcame his fear of racing and began his racing career sponsored by Flomaster, Noz, and Royal Purple. He has won 4 out of 6 races. And Rosco finally got a girlfriend to which he married and had three boys and moved to Texas. As for me… well I got to go back to school to peruse my dream of being a professional motocross rider. I hope they put me against Travis Pastrana, and Carey Hart.

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