Nobody Here

November 3, 2009
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My eyes grew soar and my throat ached, yet I still wept. I looked around, holding myself tight, and my gaze, again, fell upon him. Lying there, forever silent, his life was ended. Why did this happen? Why, had I been left alive? Or was this torture? Was I meant to stay here... with my dead love... till I die? Is this what the cruel man who took us meant for me? I pushed the thoughts out of my head and started towards his body. I picked up the blanket and tucked it under my arm. I stroked his silky black hair, then laid the blanket over him, to hush the words his still mouth still spoke. Walking back to the door, I tried again to open it. With much surprise... it creaked open.

The decaying wood had split, leaving me an escape way. I turned back towards my love, and blew him a final kiss. I turned back towards the stairs, and fled with my life into the night.

To Be Continued...

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