Another Stupid Story where the Girl Ends up Heartbroken

November 2, 2009
By ShellyCullen BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
ShellyCullen BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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There comes a time when life stops giving you stuff and starts taking them away.

I wake up to something bitter tasting seeping through my mouth. Almost as if I had been drowning in my own saliva filled with raw iron. I run my tongue along my teeth, hoping to scrape off that awful feeling building up in my mouth; but I can't seem to do anything right anymore.
I groan and open my eyes, squinting up at the golden rays escaping through my blinds. I slowly sit up, watching my head to test how sick I feel. I limp my way to the door, just brushing against my finger tips when I can't hold it in much longer. My knees buckle together and my body falls to the floor, leaving me with a knock on the head. But this doesn't worry me. What really draws my attention is my sudden urge to vomit, which has begun to take place with the wood paneled floorboards.
I sigh when my stomach calms down and the burning sensation in my mouth subsides. I wipe my lips off with the back of my hand and rest my head on the wall.
That one spontaneous night...and all I'm left with is the scars.

The author's comments:
This is only the small preview of the story, not the actual thing! If it flourishes, I may continue. It is somewhat of an experiment, and I'm trying to work on it for my English class.

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