Which Road

November 1, 2009
By , jeannette, PA
One spring evening, I came to a Y in the rode and was not sure it I should go home the regular way on the left side or go down the right side this time. The soccer season was over so I did have extra time to go a different way and see what was on the other side. It was only 2:50 and mom did not expect me home till ten after. I went down the right side this time to see what it was like. Driving along with the top down I heard something unusual, it sounded like a whine. I pulled over and turned off the car… I heard it again. It sounded like a puppy, or puppies? I was in the middle of the country there was not any houses close by on this. I walked over to the ditch in the road and became in shock. I could not believe what I saw was I dreaming. I knelt down to see if I was seeing it correctly. Right then I wanted to hit something in relief of all the anger building inside me. I picked up the four little puppies that were in the box fighting for a way to survive. I quickly ran to my car and grabbed an emergency kit that held water, blanket, and ace items. I took the bottle of water and cupped my hands in the shape of the bowl. The small little puppies quickly reacted to the sign of water. They jumped up quickly and started to drink. After they had finished I rapped them up in the blanket and closed the roof of my car. I quickly drove home and fed them. Ten after three my mom came home. She walked through the door and was not greeted by the usual three dogs but seven dogs. I walked up to her and she said, “Where did these little puppies come from?”
Then I said, “Mom, I found them in a box on the side of the road.”
She then replied, “Keep them over night to get some food in their system and keep them warm. You do not know where they were before the street. We will figure out where to take them in the morning.”
“Okay, I will feed them and keep an eye out.”
After I talked to my mom I took the little puppies and gave them a bath. There were two black puppies and two white puppies. As soon as they hit the tub and the water started to turn on, I was in shock. Black and white paint started to poor down the drain. I was funny in a way. The two black puppies were white and the white puppies were golden.
Later that night I took them to our vet to make sure they were okay and they would make it through the night. When we pulled in they jumped out and ran to the door as if they were there before. When I walked in the nurses walked in and called them Ginger, Kyle, Sandy, and Brody. I was puzzled and asked the nurse why she thought their owners left them. She took me in the back and showed me all of the lost animal posters. With the biggest poster of all was a family of four that had four puppies sitting with them. I looked at the lady and she told me that someone stole them from the family when they were in the kitchen eating lunch and the puppies were in the fenced back yard. When they went back out they were gone. They have been looking for them for one week. I asked her how I could call them I felt so bad I did not know what it would be like to lose my three dogs. She told me and when the women answered the phone she was ecstatic, she was so happy her family pets were found.
The next day I meet the family when they came to pick them up. Right away I could tell the puppies knew the family and wanted to go home. I talked to the mother of the family and she said that she made her yard more protective for the puppies and kids. She also told me that she had told the police and they caught the man who stole them. Before the left she told me that they were moving on the road across the street from mine. Their family was reunited again and they could all sleep. I was glad that I choose to take the other side of the road.

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