Bonfire Nightmare 2nd Part

November 6, 2009
By Chantelle Francis BRONZE, Durham, Mississippi
Chantelle Francis BRONZE, Durham, Mississippi
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I woke up the next day looked at my calendar it read : Thursday 5th November and BONFIRE NIGHT screamed out under the neatly handwritten date.
A huge smile spread across my face, tonight is going to be amazing I thought to my self.
I looked out of the window but then I collapsed, flashbacks! But this time I was awake , flashbacks of my dream last night appearing vividly in front of me , this had never happened before , I’m trying to stay calm but my body is in the flashbacks I’m now in a field full of people the place I am in is a familiar place but I cant seem to think right now I am walking towards a firework then BANG!
I am back, ’WOW’ I thought to myself ‘that had never happened before I am awake but I have just had a flashback that was unbelievably vivid.’
“Maybe Kate is right” I said out loud.
“Maybe Kate is right about what” I turned round startled but it was only mum.
“Nothing, just nothing.”
“Chantelle I’m tired of this please tell me what is going on.”
So I told her.
I told her everything from the first dream I had to what had just happened.
“Hmm… That is quite strange and it is all sort of related to bonfires and fireworks.”
“I know. Never mind I’m sure it’s nothing mum.”
I pulled my school uniform on ,grabbed my bag, kissed mum on the cheek and left to go to Kate’s.

“Well, you looking forward to tonight then?” Asked Kate.
“Yeah!” I said to her.
Then I told her about my eventful morning.
“See even your mum thinks its strange. Maybe it’s a bad idea going to the bonfire tonight.”
“What?! No way! I am not going to let my dreams get in the way of going to the bonfire I have gone as long as I can remember this year is not going to be different!”
“Ok. Just an idea. Sorry.”
“So am I , it’s just I really want to go.”
“Ok my mum has been talking to your mum I think we are just going to meet up when we are there”
“Ah ok” I replied opening the door leading into our form room.

The day flew over probably because it was my best day for lessons I had : English , Maths , P.e , Music and then Dance and the next thing I knew I’m on my way home with Kate and walking through my front door to the welcoming smell of Sheppard’s pie.
I ran straight up the stairs to my room to get ready for the night ahead in the end I ended up with leggings on then jeans over them, one vest and a top over it, knee high socks, a jumper and my Helly Hansen and my Ugg boots.
I looked in my full length mirror.
“Well I wont be cold tonight will I” I said to myself and gave a big smile and walked down stairs.
“God we are only going to a bonfire not to the bloody Antarctic Chantelle.”
“I know but I know what I am like I will get cold but it is absolutely impossible to get cold with all these layers on.”
Mum laughed at me.
“Right then we best set off then” She said in a jolly voice.

“It’s freezing!” I moaned loudly.
“Haha. Well maybe you should of put some more layers on if that is possible.” Replied mum.
“Haha!” I shouted sarcastically.
“Chantelle!” I heard someone shout I’m sure it’s Dom I thought to myself.
I turned round and Alexander and Dom were stood there with beaming smiles and glowing faces.
“Hey Mum ,me and Kate are just going to go with Dom and Alexander for a bit we wont be long and we have both got our phones !” I shouted over to my mum.
“Ok” She replied.
So we wandered off and stopped just on the edge of the huge bonfire which was towering above us blistering hot and blinding yellow, orange and red.
“WOW” said Kate in astonishment.
Kate moved forward to take a closer look one more step and she would have been in the fire.
Shouting came from behind us we all turned round well all of us except from Kate. The shouting became clearer a couple of men were arguing, pushing and shoving each other they came closer still arguing but no one around us noticed. Me , Dom and Alexander were rooted to the spot.
And then one of the men pushed the other , the man who was pushed over fell back Kate turned round the man fell onto her but Kate was stood about only one metre away from the fire she fell , we screamed , I ran , Alexander and Dom ran , we tried , but we couldn’t , it was to late , people rushed to the bonfire we heard Kate’s screams , she had fallen in…

My eyelids flickered I was in a strange white room in a scratchy nightie.
My vision was blurred but I could make out some friendly faces my Mum , Dom and Alexander were stood around me.
“Wh- Where am I ?” I stuttered.
“Your in the hospital darling you’ve been in a coma for 3 days” Replied my mum then it all seemed as clear as glass.
“Kate?! Where’s Kate” I cried.
“She’s fine, She has got quite a few burns but she did fall into the fire, She woke up yesterday, you passed out with shock it was mental people were screaming and there were police sirens deafening my ears.” Explained Dom.
“Can I see her , I mean can I see Kate?”

“Ow, Dom man!” I yelled as he pushed me along the corridor to Kate’s room banging into every wall.
“He wheeled me in, Kate was sat there in her chair smiling, her arms were red but she looked completely fine and herself apart from that which was a good sign.
“Kate I am so sorry I should have listened to you about them dreams!”
“Hey It’s fine don’t worry”
Dom, Alexander and Mum looked confused.
Me and Kate looked at each other and laughed.
“Long story” We told the others at exactly the same time.
The nurse came in.
“Chantelle, you and Kate can go home if you want but just take it easy.”
We all smiled and Kate’s mum was called in to come and get her.

I walked into my room looking around me I was just glad to be safe in my own house.
I picked up my diary looked at my last entry, but focused on one certain part:

Bonfire night tomorrow! I cant wait it’s going to be a night to remember!

Chantelle xx

“Oh it was a night to remember alright.”

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Same as before!

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