Bonfire Nightmare!

November 6, 2009
By Chantelle Francis BRONZE, Durham, Mississippi
Chantelle Francis BRONZE, Durham, Mississippi
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I’m walking down a narrow pathway, thinking to myself, thinking about what happened last night, images flash around in my head, screams and howls racing after each other in my head, flashbacks appear in front of my eyes , fighting , pushing , shoving as people are trying to get out of the pub , fire surrounding us, someone has locked the door , I’m trapped! And then…

I woke up panting and sweating, my mother sitting next to me, she handed me a glass of water.
“Thanks.” I mumbled.
“No problem darling” She replied “Bad dream again?”
“Yeah” I said half heartedly.
“Want to tell me about it?”
I looked at my clock on my bedside table it read 12:35am.
“No mum I’ll be ok, I’m really tired maybe in the morning.”
“Oh ok, night night Chantelle” She replied although she did look quite upset.
I turned over and thought about my dream, you see this isn’t the first dream like this I have had I have them at least twice a week now and each new dream uncovers one more scene, one more part in my imagination.

It took me a while to get to sleep again last night , I’m so glad it’s morning and my bad dream has gone…well gone until next time.
I got ready for school and set off to Kate’s, Kate is my best friend, I love her to bits she is lovely is Kate we tell each other everything, only Kate knows about my bad dreams, You see Kate has a lot of superstitions which include if you smash a mirror you get seven years bad luck and that cats have nine lives so unsurprisingly she was always very interested when I tell her about my dreams.
“So any dreams then?” She asked as soon as she had stepped out the door.
Kate can read me like a book and can always tell when I am upset or I am not well.
“Yeah.” I replied.
I told her about my dream.
She was silent for a few seconds and then out of the blue “Oh No!” She gasped.
“What?!” I almost shouted back.
“I know what the dreams are all about ! They are a sign! A sign of which something bad is going to happen!”
“Don’t be so silly” I said back to her but I must have looked quite worried as Kate gave me a reassuring smile and told me not to worry.
We walked the rest of the way to school in almost silence but Kate being Kate she popped up with something that made me smile.
Bonfire Night!
Ever since I can remember I have loved bonfire night what with the fierce fireworks and the sizzling sparklers and the buzzing Bonfires what’s not to like about it?
Mum always takes me to a bonfire on bonfire night it’s a tradition in our family but this year mum said Kate and her family can come along too.
Anyway Kate was so excited about bonfire night as she had never been to a real bonfire before!
Talking about bonfire night seemed to make our journey quicker as in two minutes we were walking through the gates to Belmont Community Arts College.
Our School.
I don’t mind school I think it’s fun getting to hang around with my mates and mucking around.
Kate on the other hand has different opinions which she isn’t afraid to tell anyone that’s another thing about Kate she isn’t afraid to speak her mind,
If she doesn’t like what your wearing she will tell you or if she doesn’t like somebody she will tell them but that’s mostly why everybody loves her because she speaks the truth but isn’t a trouble maker at the same time.

“Bring bring bring!” Went the bell for first period, I had Maths first which was good as I love maths mostly because my maths teacher Miss Wilson is the best teacher ever! I sit next to Kate in Maths which is also good and with Alexander and Dom on our table it’s always a good laugh but we know when to stop.
I walked into Miss Wilson’s room to a bunch of welcoming faces, I smiled at everyone and sat down in my seat.

“Maths went great as usual” I said loudly ,almost shouting, to Leigh , who is also one of my best friends, It was so noisy in the corridor there was stamping of feet and clattering voices all mixing together around me so I didn’t know who was talking to who.
“Chantelle!” I heard someone shout.
I looked behind me and there was Dom, Dom is one of my performing arts friends because in our school we all have our own little groups really you have the Dancers, which I am in , the Musicians , the popular people, which I am in , the geeks , the strange people and the Normal people, which I am also in.
“Alright Dom?”
“Aye. Never better. What’ve we got next like?”
Dom spoke in a really low cockney accent but had a really cute baby face ,well me and Leigh think so anyway.
“Hmm… Wait there I’ll look in my planner.”
I opened up my school planner and had a quick look.
“God, Science next” I groaned.

“Chantelle!” I heard someone shout.
I looked up the teacher was staring at me sternly.
“Yes Miss?”
“Chantelle, could you tell us the answer as to what Electrons are?”
“Err… No.”
“And why is that?”
“Because Miss Wilkins I do not pay attention in your class”
“Don’t be so damn cheeky Chantelle !”
I know I will never win against her so I’ll shut up now, I got out my little note pad and a pen and scribbled a note to Kate who was unfortunately on the other side of the room as she had got moved the first day of school because Miss Wilkins ‘Could see we were mischievous.’
To Kate,

Science is so boring if you get out before me ,which you probably will seen as though you always do, wait for me outside and then we will walk to third period.
Write back please.
Love Chantelle x

All I have to do now is get it to her.
I passed it to Shannah who passed it to Katie who passed it to Dom who then passed it to Kate.
She read it and smiled and then got out her little notebook and scribbled a little note down in return but instead of passing it along everyone she took a risk and while Miss Wilkins’ back was turned threw it across the class room.

To Chantelle,

Hello. I know science is boring you don’t need to tell me that!
I mean who would know what electrons are?!
Anyway yeah I will wait for you.
Love Kate x

I looked up and smiled at her but Miss Wilkins caught me in the act.
“Chantelle out!”
I stood up and walked out.

“God I am so glad school is over” I said to Kate as we were on our way home.
“Yeah, me too.”
“Oh well bye “ I said as we were only a few metres from my house.
“Bye, good luck for tonight’s dream then!” She shouted after me as I was just about to walk through my door I shouted back at her “Thanks!”
“How was your day then?” Mum asked eagerly.
“Fine thanks. Science was it’s usual self but Maths was good as usual.”
“Ah. That’s good darling.”
I picked up my tea from the bench.
“Mmm… Sausage and mash thanks mum” I said even though my mouth was already stuffed to the rim.
“It’s ok but please don’t talk with your mouth full.”
I Nodded my head, not wanting to say Ok as I might have got wrong.
I sat down at the neatly laid table and shoved another big forkful into my mouth, before long I was finished.
I skipped up to my room , opened my diary and started to write.

Dear Diary,

Nothing much happened today to be quite honest Science was boring but maths was really good obviously! We learned about ratio and proportions it was really hard at first but Miss Wilson was right once you get the idea it’s fine ,it seems really easy to me now.
Bonfire night tomorrow! I cant wait it’s going to be a night to remember!

Love Chantelle xx

The author's comments:
Really My Friends inspired me and Bonfires x

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