Why Did You...

October 31, 2009
By Anonymous


This word, which came from his lips, cut through the tension-filled air of the surrounding room.

I turned my head towards the window, facing the outside word. The rain softly descending towards the ground below. As I stood there waiting, I couldn’t help but wonder if he ever would truly continue his thought.

It was in that single instant that his eyes changed. The deep hazel color that I have grown to love shifted from pain, only to become the anger and hatred that I was certain he felt inside.

“Why?!” he yelled once more. “W-was it money?! A grudge?! Or-” his strong facade finally broke as he fell harshly to his knees. “Or did you just want to break my heart?!”

Regarding his stature as calmly as possible, I opened my mouth to respond...

The author's comments:
This piece was never completly finished, and therefore, this is only pieces of it. Reading fanfiction, I realized that there are many sappy-love stories, and almost no deathfics. This story is made up in my mind, although some parts are very difficult to put into words as of yet.

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