October 27, 2009
By Anonymous

There are many teens that are suffering from loneliness. Many factors cause loneliness. Its not just the lonely girl you see sitting alone in the back of the lunch room, it can also be that popular jock you see sitting with all his friends, or a teenage parent. For the lonely girl sitting in the corner, it can be her out of date clothing, her odd personality, or her overall approach to life. That popular jock, whos got more than half the school as his friend, feels lonely because nobody understands him, his family and friends pressure him to play football and expect him to someday get a football scholarship at some big time expensive university, as to where maybe all he want's is to settle down and open a surfboard shop. Or teenage parents, whom at school are seen as failures, this out-casted by even there own friends, thus end up staying alone in their house, thinking that nobody knows what she is going through. Technology also has a huge impact on teens suffering from loneliness. Computers serve as a huge factor for loneliness. Most teens have computers in their rooms, isolating them from spending time with their families or friends. The use of cell phones and internet lead to loneliness because they never actually interact with their piers in a real and genuine matter. And even though you meet hundreds, even thousands of people you may call friends, most of the time people aren't who they are, and in no way can be called a real friend. As you can see there are many problems now a days that lead to someone feeling lonley. If the world learned to judge less, and people stopped relying on technology as a means to meet new people, then the world would have less lonely teens.

The author's comments:
I had to write it for my school.

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