Conflict of interest

October 26, 2009
By , coventry, United Kingdom
Conflict of interest. Thats what they would call it. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Real or fake. You might think that i am wrong , that i am fake, that it is wrong but then again i am me.

My best friend Danielle has fallen out with my other best friend Amy . I know why. But i am not going to say anything even though Amy is begging me because i am a loyal friend that keeps her promises. That is what i comes down to in the end. Loyalty.

You try to keep people from getting hurt but then in the end it is you that end up getting hurt. You try to make everyone happy but in the end it is you than ends up not being happy. You try to be good but in the end you are the villain.

Eventually everything dies down. People start to forget because there is only so long that you can hold on to something, only so long that you can hold a grudge. However just because things are forgiven doesnt mean that that things are forgotten.

So you keep you head helt high like your nose is bleeding and realize that in this world it is every man/woman for themselves. So good or bad. Right or wrong. Real or fake. Just be you.

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