Not-So-Fearless Part 1

October 25, 2009
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I used to be fearless. I had always been the first to try something new, forget the consequences. But that changed when he entered my life...

I was writing again, my pen scratching against my notebook paper as Ashton and Bridget’s story came to life under my guiding hand. Mr. Augustus was going on and on about the Hindu religion, a subject I’d always been interested in and knew pretty much all there was about it. Thankfully, he was easy to block out.
My first period World History class was probably my favorite class. And that was because I could basically spend the whole 55 minutes writing. My friends left me be, unlike every other class where I was pestered for help on homework. The joys of being first in class. Oh well.
Bridget and Ashton’s voices in my head finally shut up for a minute, and I was able to roll my wrist and crack my neck. Before I lost my moment of peace, I glanced around at my classmates and found him staring at me. Again.
Scowling, I dropped my gaze back down to my notebook. Ugh, it just had to be Logan. That idiot could be summed up in three words. Stuck-up. Infuriating. And hot. Basically, he was your typical high school golden boy. He was the star of our undefeated football team and all the girls fawned over him. The teachers, too, considering he was the principal’s son.
And since the day I walked into our shared first hour, he couldn’t leave me alone.
Staring at me all hour, following me to my classes, waiting for me by my locker, the boy was beyond belief. He paid more attention to me than whoever his girlfriend of the week was. In an attempt to get Logan to finally leave me be, I’d complained to my “big brother”; he had threatened him with dire consequences. But to no avail. The boy just wouldn’t give up.
It didn’t really help my resolve to avoid him since he was pretty much the hottest guy I’d seen in this small town.
The bell dinged loudly and I picked up my books, rushing out the door. I heard quick footsteps behind me, and I sighed, knowing Logan had caught up to me once again.
“Hey, Diana!” he said loudly, trying to sneak an arm around my waist.
“Hi, Logan,” I murmured, dodging his advances with the ease of practice; I saw his face flash with anger for a moment, before his naturally good-natured expression returned.
And that’s what was keeping me from him.

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