Captives Escape part I

October 12, 2009
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In a facility that enables gifted or ill children to live peacefully from the outside world, is the greatest lie I have ever heard said about the HR institute for the mentally challenged, yet. I’d laugh at someone who actually believed that crap. There were over 2,789.3 “students” here and .1 of us are going to make 18 and the rest will die from either the first test or the many to come. It was fact that we would die but the scientists still did the tests happy that, at most, .1 of us will live if given the chance. I always wondered why they said an institute for the mentally challenged children because only 2% of the institute were mentally challenge but then I realized it was all a cover up. A cover up over what they were really doing.
I was brought to HR institute from an orphanage as were so many others. I didn’t know about the institute back then, all I thought was that I was going to see my new parents and that this is just set up by the orphanage to introduce us and then we would leave. As all the children stumbled into the old brick building and then squeezed together in a small room with nothing but white walls and bright lights, I knew something was wrong but before I could announce it to the fat man with no hair in the middle of his head who was counting us, someone beat me to it. It was a little boy, he was slightly cross eyed, had dark brown hair and freckles all over his face. He seemed so frustrated that we didn’t get to see our parents, he was very anxious and nervous, you could tell because he was shaking but, then again, we all were. No matter how much clothes we had on the coldness from the room seeped in and made us shiver. “Where’s our parents?” the boy said in a British accent. Determination and annoyance gleamed from the little boy’s eyes but it was burned out in a blink of an eye when he saw the man’s reaction. He stood there, smiling at him and it wasn’t those “it’s going to be all right” smiles, it was an evil smile and the coldness from him went deep in my bones. I thought in here couldn’t get any colder but then he started to laugh, his whole body shook with amusement and joy, then I knew, the coldness not only went past my flesh but went deep inside my soul but I shook it away I couldn’t lose hope and neither did the little boy, he shouted at the man saying, “What’s so funny ?! How is it that you can laugh at my dreams of being adopted? Don’t a child’s dreams mean anything to you? We all dream of a happier life with parents that protect us and love us. We waited long enough, takes us to our parents or I’ll ring your fat harry neck.” The man was silent for a couple a seconds, and during those seconds I thought this kid has guts but threats won’t get him anywhere in here and at that time the man was thinking the same thing and said, “Your dreams mean nothing to me, boy, but since you’re a smart mouth kid with no respect I’m going to do something special for you” the man grinned “you’re going to get all the attention you want”. The room became silent no one dared add to the little boys fire it was then that I realized that there was another man with a white coat standing in front of the door, he had a mischievous, knowing grin which made me want to cry and shrivel up in a corner so I looked away and saw more than half the children in the room silently weeping including the little boy, he knew he dug his own grave. A tear rolled down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away I didn’t want anyone to see that I also had no hope left in me so I felt bold considering that this was probably the only chance I had to do this so I walked over to the boy rubbed his head, hugged him and whispered in his ear “I’ll find a way to save us”. I didn’t believe in what I just said but I couldn’t let him suffer by himself because all his hopes were shattered, he needed a light, a source, and that is all I could give him. I couldn’t give him truth nor freedom by myself. He sniffed on my shoulder, nodded, and whispered, “thank you”. As I got up to walk to where I was originally standing, I looked over at the two men; both of them were staring at me intensively. I couldn’t move I guess the shock from the sudden attention was worse than I thought it would be. It was like the grim reaper staring down on me, his eyes telling me it’s time to go to the other side. I quickly turned my head, I could feel the fear and adrenaline rushing threw my body then the other man with the white coat spoke, “What is your name?” he asked. I thought for a second but not about what I was going to say but rather on his voice. His voice was smooth, calm, strong, demanding, and dangerous if I didn’t act right I might end up in this man’s clutches. “My name?” I asked my voice a little shaky but I still did not look at him. “Yes, what is your name?” the man repeated with a little annoyance in his voice, I couldn’t linger on the question much longer or he would have me punished I’m sure, so I took in a deep breath, search for my name in my mind, looked at him in the eyes and said, “Annabel.”

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