Brother and Sister? Not Anymore............

October 12, 2009
By Jor-Jor BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jor-Jor BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Brother and Sister? Not Anymore....
My whole life I have never been one to trust people. I mean I could tell some people little things here and there, but I didn't like one person knowing everything about me. Except for Ben. Ben is my uncle. But, despite being my uncle he is only five years older than me. That small age gap has molded us into best friends. We are really that close. So close that everyone calls us brother and sister. My dad and step-mom, his parents (my grandparents), aunts and uncles, everyone claims the two of us siblings. Ben has been the one that I’ve trusted my whole life. He has been there for me as we grew up together and he would not only talk to me, he would listen.
Then one day, she came along................
Creeeek, SLAM!!!!! I heard the old screen door open and close as Ben came home from school. Then, instead of the normal one set of footsteps that normally follow the slamming of the door I heard a lighter more feminine pair. Trailing after my brother up the stairs was the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. She was smoothing down her silky, glossy, brunette hair and tugging down the hem of her baby blue Abercrombie dress. She looked like a nice person, so after I gave her a mental okay in my mind, I turned to focus on Ben. "Hey Sissy!" He cried with the same amount of excitement that he always had when he realized that I was home. Then he turned to the girl and said "This is my new girlfriend Chelsea"
"Hi" I managed to get out. I stopped even trying to get to know Bens girlfriends when I realized that they were never constant. My brother was a stud so he never kept the same girl for more than a week. Each time a girl left or was replaced there was lots of grumpiness on his part so I never had much appreciation for his girlfriends. Who could blame me? I always got the worse end of the stick when Ben got dumped. This Chelsea girl didn't spark much interest in me because I knew she would be gone before I could even blink.
Then Chelsea, quite surprisingly, instead of saying hi or ignoring me (like his girlfriends usually do) she gave me a very snotty "Who the hell are you?" I felt like I had been slapped across the face! Who was she, this girl who had been in MY house for about two minutes, to talk to me like that?!?! Ben looked shocked but pulled her away with nothing more than a quite "Come on Chels...." They walked away and I tried pushing that little incident to the back of my mind and carry on with the I.M. conversation I had been having before they came home. It was less than five minuets later when Chelsea came into the room. She looked at me with her perfect blue eyes and straight up said, "I do NOT like you." The hatred in her eyes was clear and at that moment I could tell she wasn't lying, she really did hate me. "Do you want to know why I don't like you?" She said still carrying on. "I don't like you because you look, (and from I have seen), act like a *#@!*"
WOW! That was where I drew the line. She had been dancing along a fine line the whole time she had been there and at the moment she crossed that line. By a lot. "BEN!!!!" I shrieked my voice obviously giving away that I was a soprano, I swear I heard glass breaking from the high pitched sound of my voice. MY brother loyally (I thought) came rushing in with concern written all over his face. His eyes, filled with worry, went from me to Chelsea and then back to rest on me. "What's wrong?" I repeated the whole incident back to him, not forgetting a single solitary detail. He listened, the stress on his face becoming more apparent with every passing second. "Well..... I.... she didn't mean........ I’m sure it was......" he stuttered trying to find a way not to betray either of us. He finally caved and looked me straight into the eye and said "Sorry, suck it up Princess...." He turned and grabbed Chelsea’s hand and they walked out the back door, leaving me standing there with a confused, heartbroken look on my face.
Ben made his decision that day. His decision was that his love and social live was more important than his baby sister. The one person in the whole entire world that he could trust anything and everything with. The person who was up at two in the morning listening to him tell about all his problems. The person who loved him to DEATH! He decided that his status was more important His decision hurt me more than you can even begin to imagine. There was only one good thing that happened that day. Ben taught me that you don’t trust anyone. Don’t let anyone too far into your life. No matter how much you love them or care about them or how much you mean to them they will always find someone or something more important than you. I can still tell some people some things but since that day I have never let anyone into my life like Ben was. He loved me, I loved him, and he hurt me and threw away his family. That is how I learned the hard way...... do NOT trust anyone. You will get hurt.

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