the wedding

November 8, 2009
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people dressed in black and white with their smiles painted on, everyone praying that the bride and groom will always get along. Champagne in their hand, toasting to their life; the priest finally says, "i now pronounce you man and wife". Friends and family surround the couple as if they were just born, by tying these families together, their hearts shall never be torn. The groom grabs the wedding cake and throws it at the bride, she counters back with a piece of apple pie. the food fight is over and the two sit in their seats, they open just one present; almost as if its christmas eve. the present is from her dad, they cant believe their eyes; they almost die crying at this shocking surprise. In this box of ribbon is just a little note, which reads " instead of getting you a car, i bought you two a boat." the get into the limousine and now they are at home, they realize that they will never spend another night alone. they are reading to spend the rest of their lives trying to make each other smile, its the only thing that really matter but they haven't in a while. they fight almost every night, they don't know what's wrong, i guess when you're around someone all the time, it's hard to always get along.

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