November 8, 2009
The anticipation is murderous and insufferable. Rushing blood smashes against the head, ears, and hands. Heart rate is increasing every millisecond and soon all you hear is the pounding of each pump.

You're neurotic and thoughts shoot through you're head. Can't sustain an idea for very long. Swellings in the throat cause saliva to occupy the mouth.

You've lost all control. Muscles tighten and ache from the strain. Fingers cling to each other forming a sphere. The ends of your arms look like they are ready to defend the body. Paralyzed, you stand still and alone.

There aren't any expressions to say at a moment like this. Seconds are all that is left til you have to face realality. It's going to happen, there is no way out.

That feeling of mind and body departing is pleasurable yet agonizing. Hydrenline is exzerted throughout your body causing a sensation that incrediable, still, uncapable of telling yourself to move, or yet to even turn away.

In vertigo, you brace yourself for the event that is about to come next. The last second you have includes; swallowing hard, taking a deep breath, closeing eyes, opening them, and thinking, “Here We Go.”

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