Suffocating Grasp

October 21, 2009
By jordan_b BRONZE, Universal City, Texas
jordan_b BRONZE, Universal City, Texas
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I felt as if we were going hundreds of miles per hour as the airplane soared like an eagle down the runway. I was finally on my way to Ireland after the wait of a lifetime. The feeling of lifting into the air is like no other. Maybe it is just that I am so used to it that it has become almost comforting to me. Or maybe it’s because I will soon have the delicious taste of honey-roasted peanuts in my mouth.

Five minutes later we were high off the ground and on our way to our destination. I look out the window and notice puffy white clouds outside my window. Then I look on the small German villages with red rooftops that seem like ants. It is almost noon now, and the perfect time of day to be in the beautiful blue sky, looking down at the shimmering water under the bright shine of the sun. I look up and realize the flight attendants have almost reached my seat. Then the flight attendant says, “Would you like some peanuts?” I answer with a polite, “Yes, please.” She hands me a slightly small red package with a blue stripe down the middle, and I open it quickly. As I put two peanuts into my mouth, I savor the fantastic salty taste and, knowing I only had a certain amount. I swallow and notice it had gotten a little bit warmer. No, it hadn’t, I had. Then I feel color rise into my cheeks as I feel my throat start to close.

I start panicking, and I look around anxiously, hoping there is a doctor on the flight. I try to yell, but I cannot. I try to gasp for air to fill my already shriveling lungs, but I am again disappointed as I suck in only fright. People start to look my way. They realize that I am having a reaction to something, but only turn the other way. Then the guy behind me stands up, towering high above me, and grabs me by the neck. He lifts me out of my seat and pegs me to the floor of the airplane. People glance toward us, but do nothing. They just sit quietly reading their books or listening to their Ipods. Then, I hear my name being yelled from a distance, and suddenly I’m in my own home, bed and environment. I reach up to touch my neck, and all I can do is blink. “It must be Monday,” I grumbled as I roll out of my bed and past my confused mother to the bathroom.

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