A house full of boys...intersting(1 getting there and supriseds)

October 21, 2009
By , folsom, CA
A car drove up the road and stopped in front of a villa.The villa was not on a beach but a hill.It was wood like and it was pretty big.Three girls got off the car dragging their stuff behind them.They were exhausted.The trip was three hours without no stops.
Melissa:Oh gee I gotta wiz really badly
Melissa knocked the house of the door down and ran to the nearest bathroom.Betta started laughing.
Gretchen:Well we’re here now what?
Betta:Wait until the owner of the house gets here
The place was quiet.Too quiet.Gretchen and Betta walked inside looking around.
The place was empty , but big as well.Outside there was a pool and a hot tub.A perfect summer home.
Betta:I guess this summer program will be perfect
Gretchen:Mhm yeah
Gretchen was too busy fixing up her lipstick in a mirror in the corner of the room.Betta walked inside one of the bedrooms and put her stuff down.
Betta:Well I guess this is where I’ll be staying
She looked around.The room was painted a soft lilac and smelled fresh.It was warm too.Just the way Betta liked it.
Melissa came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later looking relived.
Melissa:Ahh that’s much better but next time hit the driver in the head when he or she refuses to make a pit stop
Betta:Will do
Gretchen:My turn my turn
Gretchen ran into the bathroom and shut the door.Locking it.Melissa and Betta sighed at the same time.They knew what Gretchen was gonna do in there.Talk to her boyfriend and fix her makeup.
Melissa:You’re so lucky that there are a total of 3 bathrooms in this place Gigi otherwise you would be using the bathroom with an open door
Betta laughed again.Her friends were humorous.
Betta:So….are we hear alone?
That question caused Melissa to stop right where she was.
Melissa:Uh…I don’t know B…
Betta:So we’re living in this giant house….alone?
Betta started to panic while Melissa stood there trying to figure out a way to calm Betta down.Gretchen came out of the bathroom wearing some dark eyeshadow and her top was more open.
Gretchen:Ok guys now what?
Betta:We find help we’re in this house all alone
Gretchen:You guys are such babies we’re adults now duh
Melissa:But we’re still teens you moron
Gretchen:Oh yeah the old “we’re just teens talk”blah blah blah whatever
And she walked off.Seconds later she screamed.Melissa and Betta ran to the next room where they saw Gretchen hiding in a corner.
Melissa:What’s wrong Gigi?
Gretchen pointed to the door where a young boy stood.He seemed at least 19 or so.
Gretchen:Someone broke in
Betta was even more scared than before.
Melissa:Oh let me guess we left the door open well of course someone is bound to come in
The three girls stared at the young boy who just stared back at them.He seemed to be harmless but he stared at the girls with wide eyes.Gretchen slowly got up and leaned in Betta’s ear.
Gretchen:He’s cute
Betta rolled her eyes at Gretchen’s boy crazy habbits.Even when they were in danger Gretchen could never get her eye off a boy especially if he was cute.The boy took a step forward causing the girls to go back.
Melissa:Alright buddy listen up if you’re hear to bug us I’m not afraid to call the police
Melissa pulled out her phone and showed the boy to tell him that she had guts.
Boy:No no please not that
The boy started waving his hands in the air and acting like as if Melissa had pointed a gun at him.
Melissa:What am I a physco killer?
Gretchen mumbled:Sometimes you are
Melissa sent a stare back at Gretchen and turned back to the boy who was backing away to the door.
Melissa:Alright boy back
The boy looked offended.
Boy:What am I a dog?
?:Hey Tomeh
A big box behind Tomeh pushed him forward causing him to fall on Melissa and send them both flying to the floor.The box came in the house and behind it was a puny small guy.
Guy:Aren’t you gonna help us_oh hi
The guy looked at Gretchen and Betta who were staring back with shocked and scared faces.
Guy:Oh uh I think we got the wrong house guys
?:Oh come on Reza this has to be right
Another boy came in and Betta’s eyes went wide.He was no not cute but super handsome.He was holding a huge bowl of other stuff.
The boy looked at Betta and she turned away.
Boy:I think they came to the wrong place dude
Rezaya:Nah I don’t think so
Rezaya and the boy looked down at Tomeh who was on top of Melissa.
Boy:Whoa Tomeh when did you hook up with someone
The boy hooted and Rezaya snickered.Melissa opened her eyes and saw Tomeh’s face an inch away from hers.
Melissa:He has pretty eyes…..hey hold yourself together girl he’s a jerk
Tomeh looked right back and Melissa with a puzzled look on his face.Melissa snapped out of her trance out raged and pushed Tomeh off her.
Melissa:Ok who are you guys and what are you doing in our house
Boy:Our house?
The boy stood in front of Melissa.
Boy:For your information lady this is our house
Melissa:Oh really?Then show me proof
The boy pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Melissa.
Boy:Here see for yourself
Melissa unfolded the paper still holding her stare at the boy.She looked down at the paper , read it and her face went blank.They were in the same summer program as them.
Melissa:Uh guys…they live there
Melissa and the boy turned around to Gretchen and Betta.
Gretchen:T…they live here
Betta looked up at the ceiling.
Betta:Oh god…..

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