My Madrid Fruit Stand

October 21, 2009
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As I woke up today I wished I had died in my sleep. It was a cold and dreary morning in Madrid. The little fruit cart from across the way took my corner and now I can’t sell any of my fruit. It’s starving. It’s been three days since I have eaten because I am allergic to fruit. I can only afford the bare minimum amount of the fruit today. As I’m walking to get my fruit for the day, this man gave me five cents. Now I can afford to buy more fruit today, hopefully sell more and then I may eat. I might not die today. I see this cart drive by with tons of bread on it. My mouth starts watering and before I can contain control over myself I jump on the back of it and start eating. My stomach will not growl today. I continue walking down the street and this nice dressed man stops me. I try to run away because I think he will take me to the refuge for stealing the bread. He says he wants to be my friend. He tells me he wants to take care of my every need. I stop struggling and listen to what he has to say now. He says he wants me to be his son. I have always wanted parents. This strange man wants to adopt me. Later I found out that he was my grandfather and he has been looking for me my entire sixteen years.

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