October 20, 2009
I still remember it like it happened yesterday. I was walking and was almost home when I was grabbed, blind folded, and shoved into a car. I tried to scream and kick but there was a rope or string or something in my mouth. Well this thing in my mouth was preventing me from screaming I never thought that it would prevent screaming but I was amazed it did. I was told to keep quiet and still or else. To scared to find out what the or else might, I kept quiet.  Then I started to calm down it was hard because I didn’t know what was going to happen I didn’t think any one else knew either. But I stated to notice some things for instants the mixed aroma that lingered in the car that smelled of fresh linens and vanilla. Also I wasn’t lying on a seat it was all lumpy and the fabric under my head was something made of nylon like the outside of a sleeping bag.  My name in Naomi I was kidnapped when I was 11 years old. I had been attending my last year at Normandy Elementary and was about to go to Ken Caryl Middle. There was only two weeks of school left and I was excited for the pool party on the last day. I t was Thursday and I was walking home like every other day but then it happened. A man who turned out to be only 18 took me. I later found out that this man was Brent Smith. So I was in the car lying there frightened. After what seemed like forever the car stopped. I could tell the man got out of the car because I heard the annoying beeping that turns on when the door opens. But that beeping was a life line something to tell me I was still alive. Then I felt something warm on my leg right when I figured out that it was a hand I was yanked out of the car and slung over a shoulder, as if I was merely a rag doll. Then he started walking I could feel the rhythm of his steps. More like his shoulder gabbing into my stomach simultaneously about every three seconds.  He carried me for a few minutes at least but then set me down. To be honest I thought he would have but me down and made me walk earlier but he didn’t. I felt my blind fold being untied and I watched it flutter down landing on the ground without a sound. Kind of like what happened so quiet no one would know. I looked around and to my surprise saw a beautiful landscape complete with trees, mountains, and a tent. Then I finally came to my senses and looked for the man. I had to hop to turn around to see him because my legs were tied together but then I saw him.  There he was about six foot tall. I looked at him this long blonde hair falling in his eyes, which were green, bright green. Then I looked again and saw the lip piercing skintight shirt and skinny jeans. I guess he was kind of cute but to me god he was horrible he had stripped me from my family, friends, school, my life. I sat down on a stump nearby and then questioned “Why me” I whispered instead of actuating saying it. He turned around and gave me a look that almost looked as if he was sorry. But then he turned back around and started making a fire. I put my head on my lap and sat there I was supposed to cry but I couldn’t. He soon came over and cut the duct tape that had been holding my legs and hands together. When he was doing this he made sure that I could see the gun that was held up by his belt strap. Then he walked back over with a plate that held a hotdog and beans on it. I said thank you I didn’t want any trouble. He sat down next to me and started to talk. “Hi my name is Brent and you” “Are you serious you kidnapped me and you don’t even know my name?” I said surprised and partially annoyed. “Im sorry I don’t what is it how old are you what’s your family like?” he persisted “My name is Naomi I’m am 11 years old and I like my family I have an older brother, Ryan he is 13 my parents are divorced but I’m ok.”  I stated “and what about you who are you where are you from how old are you?” I said reiterated. “My name is Brent im 18 years old and is or was a senior at Columbine High School; I was born and raised in Littleton Colorado, any other questions?” “No but where do I sleep.” I askedHe pointed to the tent and as I walked over I saw two sleeping bags. I crawled in and then slipped into a sleeping bag. I woke up the next morning with a tap on the shoulder. It was about 8:30 so I got out of my sleeping bag. I eat breakfast that Brent had made it was eggs and bacon. Then I washed the dishes. After that I started walking around thinking about what might happen.  It had only been a day and I started to notice other tents. The tents had other kids but most of them looked older. I started to talk to Brent about the other kids and then I started talking to the other kids. It turns out that a man had hired the older boys the guardians. He had instructed them each to get one child preferable a strong child. When I heard this is was proud to be considered strong. It made me happy even though I shouldn’t have been happy considering the situation I was in.  This man that had hired the guardians was planning to make a plant for the children to work in. This man planed to let the kids work out at the camp for a year to get stronger before putting them to work. The only problem was no one knew what the man was going to do not even the guardians were only told to make the kids stronger. After spending a few weeks at the camp I got into a routine. This is how my day usually went. I would get up early in the morning probably at about seven. Then I would start making breakfast.  I had to cook for about 30 people. That included the ten guardians and the ten kids; one for each guardian. I know that’s only 20 people but all of the guardians and the other kids were boys and they were all in there teens and that equals a lot of hunger meaning a lot of food. After everyone had gotten their food I would set up stations for the boys to do the dishes. After they finished I would pack everything into an old wooden box that was falling apart. I would repeat this process three times a day for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Between meals we would exercise, I wasn’t sure why but we did. We would have to run and pick up rocks and carry them around. It was ok I guess. I wasn’t the strongest but I for sure wasn’t the weakest. I was often used as a motivator. Some guardians would scream at the other boys “Come on Naomi is doing better than you and she’s a girl.” I guess I didn’t mind it but I always felt bad for the boy or boys being yelled at. It had been a year almost two and no one had heard from the man who had hired them.   After some brief research the guardians told us that the man had died 2 months ago from a heart attack. At this point anyone of the kids could have left but they didn’t. Everything just went on as normal. I would get up and cook and clean. The only thing that changed was the exercise routine we no longer worked out we would talk about our old lives and families. But it was good life was fine. I could have run away but things were good. As far as I knew I had more guy friends than anyone of my old friends. This was my family now this was my new life. It went on like usual until the guardians started to think about things. Things like getting jobs and wives. Then it happened some of the guardians started leaving. They would just pack up say good-bye and walk away in their direction of choice. It went on like this until most of the kids and guardians had left, and there were only five of us. One day we talked about what we were going to do with our lives. Then they were all gone in a matter of days. It was only me. I stayed till there were no more supplies and then I left to. There wasn’t much to pack other than the toothbrush, and two gray outfits that we had been given when we first arrived. Other than that all I had was 20 dollars and I tube of lip-gloss that I had in my pocket when I was taken. Then I left all, if you had asked me where I was going I would have said I don’t know but not home.  My name is Naomi I was adopted when I was 11 I was held at a camp for 17 years now I’m 28.  I can’t call it being kidnapped because I was happy. I enjoyed the new experience being able to just hang out it was some of the best years of my life. I got physically stronger and I was loved for those 17 years by my brothers, my family.

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