short story

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Fall Weekend Leave was just 1 days away! My best friend, Mr. Huang, was more than ready for it, and he began to shout and sing about it last night – really - when we left the library after C.Q. As we were walking toward Beason, we suddenly saw an athlete shoe under the tree. It was a grey, old and muddy shoe leaning against the tree. We cannot find another one around the area. “Where did this single shoe come from?” my friend Huang said. He was always curious about unknown. “I don’t know. It must be someone dropped it here.” I answered. “But why just one? Where is the other?” He still asked further. “I don’t know.” I answered impatiently. As I walked faster to the building, I can’t stop thinking about the shoe. Where did it come from? Where is the other one?

Next day, when I walked through the Beason, my eyes were searching for the shoe. Where it is? Is it picked up by his master? I saw it wasn’t at original position. It moved left few feet. Maybe it was kicked by some students. Maybe it was played by the squirrels around. The shoe totally broke the beautiful scene of Beason. I fawned and wandered who threw a dirty athletic shoe on the grass. It was definitely an abandoned sneaker. So muddy that no one wanted to touch it.

Several days passed, the rain came. It washed all the dust in the air. It also washed the mud off the sneaker. I began to hope someone to pick it up either by his master or other students. But I never thought about picking it up by myself. It’s not my fault. Someone should pick this dirty sneaker.

Finally the shoe was gone. It was thrown by someone- maybe students, maybe cleaners. I suddenly felt a sense of guilty. Looking at the beautiful Beason, I felt a sense of egotistic and selfish. I regretted I did not throw the sneaker. It was my responsibility too to keep a beautiful environment for Beason.

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