The Doctor of The Devil

October 20, 2009
By haltman14 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
haltman14 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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"A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths."
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"CJ wake up. You have an appointment. “WAKE UP!” His mother screamed. CJ slowly began to rise from his bed because of this disturbance. He went to his dresser and began to put in his contacts, reluctantly of course. He wasn’t a morning person. His drawers slowly opened beneath his fingers as he saw his Brooklyn Dodgers throwback jersey. He deliberately tried not to match as he put on his purple Laker shorts. He went to the bathroom ready to prepare for his day. The application of his tooth paste to his brush was very sloppy and he worked very slowly. The day wasn’t starting out well. Suddenly he heard a loud honk from his mothers car, “Hurry up!” She said. He walked down to his garage and said in his mind Sometimes I just want to be in my own world, where there are no doctors, and I can live alone. He then waltzed to his car.
“Mom, is it a dentist appointment?” He asked curiously
“CJ, it is for your foot. You’ve known for weeks”
“Oh yea…right.” CJ twisted his ankle during soccer but Mrs. Jacobs seemed to exacerbate every injury.
`“And CJ, if you are rude to Dr. Jamison, you’re in big trouble.”
“Yea…yea whatever.” He replied with attitude.
Mrs. Jacobs silenced the radio and CJ stopped texting on his loud beeping cell phone as they approached the office. They parked the car only inches from the office entrance because Mrs. Jacobs wanted the walk for CJ to be as short as possible. As he leaped out of the car and approached the door of his office, a red headed woman walked by and said, “aw, what a cute daughter you have.”
“I AM NOT A GIRL.” CJ screamed. His long brown hair did make him seem a tad feminine. Plus, his prepubescent voice made him sound like a girl.
“Oh sorry young man,” she replied somewhat embarrassed yet maintaining composure.
“Yea you should be,” he said. He continued under his breath, “You dumb witch.” She slowly turned around with astonishment and then continued walking.
“How dare you say such a thing CJ. You devil. If you don’t like people calling you a girl, get your hair cut.” Mrs. Jacobs was now quite angry with him. “Let’s just go upstairs and get your foot looked at.”
The elevator arrived and CJ proceeded to press every button as if there were no one else. Too bad the elevator was filled and Mrs. Jacobs sensed the aggravation in the others. When they walked into the office waiting room they were greeted by a secretary who seemed nice. She was obese with very curly hair and wearing a flowered shirt. CJ thought she had the voice of a gross 600 year old smoker. He seemed to always have a negative outlook on the world. The doctor within minutes called them in. He asked CJ to sit on the guest chair and take off his shoes. CJ of course went right over to the doctor’s huge chair behind his desk and started twirling around on it. The doctor smiled and said, “kids nowadays.” CJ’s mother gave a half smile and then began to get frustrated with CJ’s behavior. “Take your shoes off,” She said,” Now!” He rolled his eyes and began untying his Lebron James basketball shoes. The doctor then said, “are we all ready?” CJ looked at his mother with confusion. She began to tear as she said, ”The truth is CJ, the truth is… you were born with osteoporosis.”

“Osteo-what?” CJ responded.

“Os-tee-oh-per-oh-sis,” she responded.

“Oh, that dumb thing that grandma has?”
“Yes, she has it.” She replied, “Haven’t you ever noticed how long it takes for you to recover from bone injuries?
When CJ’s friend Mikey broke his arm when they were 3, CJ’s mom knew it was odd to half a 1 year recovery. Mikey broke CJ’s arm by pushing him off of the bus when he got pushed from behind. CJ was the only kid in the history of pre-k to have a sling and a cast. L

“Mom, why didn’t you tell me…like in 4th grade when I got that huge bruise….you didn’t tell me
anything about Os-tee-oh-per-oh-sis.”

“Honey, this is why I protect and love you. Your disrespect and anger must stem from my over protectiveness, but I can’t help it.” She continued, “You always are angry and I didn’t think this would be a good contribution to your emotional being”
“What?” he replied in extreme confusion.
“Never mind CJ…never mind”


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