My Memory Button

October 20, 2009
My memory button belonged to Jezebelle one of my best friends. Jezy is the most deep and beautiful person I have ever met. She was always there for the tough times and always had something funny to say to cheer people up. I didn't realize till later on that she herself had many problems of her own but always maintained an upbeat personality.

She lived just a few streets over from where I lived so it was always easy to see each other everyday. Jezy always seemed to be cold, even in the blazing hot summer. So when she was she always had on this cute little black knit sweater that had on them black and white stripped buttons. The sweater not that I remember was very worn for its consistent use.

One of my strongest memories of Jezy was one day I caught her on the lawn writing in her diary, something she always loved to do. As I got closer I saw the wetness on her cheeks. This had been the first time I had ever seen her cry. I went to go comfort her. She admitted to me she had never cried with anyone like this before. With that I considered it our one special moment.

Then she left. Turned out her parents now hated each other and couldn't stand being in the same house. So her mom was moving out of state to start out fresh. She had to go with her because of the whole custody issues because of her father's unstable situation. The day of her leaving, as always she had on her little sweater. Right in front of me she yanked out the bottom button and gave it to me. Also with the button she gave me a yanked out piece of paper with lots of writing on it. It was from her diary. She said, “When you miss me, read this and you'll know that I'll be thinking and missing you always too.” And with that she got into her mom's truck and left for the airport.

Its been three years now and I still miss her all the same. Every time I look at the button it reminds me of her loving eyes and her beautiful smile. I look at it and I can feel that she misses me too.

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