One life one sport soccer

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

    “Yay, yay” as I heard sprinting faster than lightning down the field. The crowd was cheering for me to make the first goal of the game. It was me two-on-one head-to-head. She was running as fast as she could to try and catch me. Now just one-on-one the goal-keeper and me. As I shot the ball went really high bouncing off the post. As I hear the crowds go “aw!!” in a sad voice. Then I saw the ball coming back as I thought to myself “wait, what?!” I thought to myself faster than the ball coming back to me. The ball was at my feet most of the other team was on the other half of the field and they had no clue on what was going on. I kicked the ball to the top corner where the goalie could not reach it. The goalie thought I was going to kick it low. But she was wrong. I kicked it so high it almost hit the post again. I would have been mad because the other team would have been on the side I was on and the would have been covering me. I kicked it and it was a goal!! “Yay” my team shouted as the ball hit the net while it made a swoosh noise. I was jumping with joy because we were now ahead on step closer to win state. The referee blew the whistle for the other team to kick off. The other team was determined to get the goal back so we don’t win. One of the girls on the other team passed the ball forward as kylie ran over to steal the ball the girl passed her then Kylie sprinted back and came up behind her a stole the ball. Kyile dribbled the ball back to our side of the field. As Kylie dribbled the circular ball up the freshly mowed bright green field. She was showing off her moves dribbling between her legs. She shot from the 18 yard box. The goalie dived to try to prevent the ball from going in the goal. The goalie could not stop it as the ball rolled passed the line the referee blew his whistle adding the goal. Kyile was so excited because it was the winning goal to win the state championship. We won!!!! I was so excited. We all sat on the bleachers while the rush employees hand out our metals and all of our parents were taking pictures. We were the number one team in state for our division. It made us really proud. As we got called up to get our metals we all cheered in spirit of our other teammates hard work. We walked over to the front of the goal and we all got our pictures token. Our team was put in the front page of the magazine. What a wonderful experience for our team. The next day when I got the magizine I cut out the front and framed the picture and hung it up on my wall.

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