The Dawn of the Age of the Wolf: Chapter One

October 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The darkness in the ally was so thick I could almost taste it but I pressed on. My life had been torn apart and there was no way I could put it back together. My name was Terra Johnson but I might as well be nameless. I would just have to continue on family or not, home or no home, money or none. I could survive on my own. So when the man emerged from the darkness I didn’t flinch, I sped up my pace.

CRASH! The wall beside me shattered in a shower dust and brick. When the grimy fog lifted, a dark shape started to advance. As it came closer, I saw greasy fur and yellow fangs. The blood in my face drained into my feet and I felt cold fear flow in my veins. When the creature neared even closer, I saw the man point his hand at my attacker. Seconds before the creature advanced even farther; blue bolt erupt from the strange man's fingers impaling the sinister shape. Instantly the monster disintegrated.

In my disbelief, I thought I heard the man say “Are you alright? Did it hurt you” in a concerned tone. The words seemed to circle my head. My vision started to blur and I felt my legs go limp. I hardly felt my head hit the cement and then every thing went black.

Groggily I opened my eyes to see the roof of a small wooden hut; not gray skies and concrete. "Where am I?" I mused as my eyes scanned the room. Suddenly, the man from the ally appeared emerging from an unseen door with a plate of food in his hands. His kind blue eyes gave off a soft glow as he sat me up in the down bed. His gentle hand lightly touched my heavily bandaged head.

"Are you alright? You took quite a fall back there. You really scared me.," he said with concern, "Have some food, it will make you feel better. Come on now, eat up!" The aroma sweet bread and chicken soup wafted around the plate. Though I felt on the verge of exhaustion, I couldn't help but dig in.

I couldn't delay my fatigue any more, even though my brain was swimming in a sea of questions. Though my body was content to sleep; my mind still raced. Terrible images from last night plagued my dreams. The shape of that black creature seemed to be engraved to my eyelids. Scene by scene the day showed its self over and over.

Thump thump, my heart pounded as my mind replayed the night one last time. My eyes snapped open to see the old yet youthful face of the man form the ally. " Who are you? What was that monster and what did you do to it? Where am I ? And most importantly why do you care what happens to me?!?" I exclaimed in confusion and rage. Hot tears poured down my face. “Ugh, I had enough problems to before this happen to me. Just tell me what I need to know I'll be out of your hair." I felt on the verge of screaming, my furry was so fresh and yet so familiar. Being upset was all I had been doing lately and finally felt like all of it was gone; until I saw a fit brown haired boy with slate gray eyes carrying two curved swords appear in a cloud of smoke and blue light.

My mind was racing with new confusion. It was the fuel to the small spark of rage in me. “Uh yeah, one more thing, WHO THE HECK IS THAT!?!”

The air was thick with tense silence-the kind that can hold you for hours. Finally, invisible bond that held us was broken by the mysterious boy." OK this stupid silence has gone on long enough. Michelle, you have plenty to say both to me and to this obviously baffled young lady," he demanded, "So start talking."

"(Sigh) I guess your right, James," said the man or Michelle" You both deserve some answers. Young lady I am Michelle Corsair and this is my apprentice James. We are magicians. The monster that almost killed you was a werewolf -"

"Not the only full moon werewolf. It was a 'It will kill you any time of the day' werewolf." interrupted James.

"You are in the attic of my house, in the woods near were you where hurt. Please forgive my manners, what is your name?" continued Michelle

"Mmmmm my name is Terra." I stammered. "Thank you for the explanation, but could I have a few minutes alone?" Politely the two exited the room.

All my thoughts blurred into incomprehensible mass. So many things didn't make since, I had to get out of here and to a place were I could think clearly. So that night I opened the window and saw it was about three yards down to the lightly frosted ground and walls were made of uneven brick. Carefully I climbed down the wall. I hit the frost hard but I kept moving. My feet pounded the ground as the distance between me and the house full of questions grew greater. My heart pounded as I leaned against an oak tree- to rest.

Right as my heart finally slowed, I felt hot breath on my neck. The foul smell of rotten flesh filled the crisp air. The urge to vomit over powered my mind until I saw the black soulless face of a werewolf. And it looked angry and hungry.


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