Dreams Were Meant for Dreaming

October 19, 2009
By PeaceLoveDance321 GOLD, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
PeaceLoveDance321 GOLD, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
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You see, I have this dream, a dream to be cool, to be popular. To be wanted by the cool high class skater jocks. To have everything I’ve ever wanted and more, but then I wake up.
Instead I'm not cool. I have two best friends, Lauren and Alexia. I'm a geek, my parents have a minimum wage job and I am one of 6, and I live in a one floor house, I don’t exactly get what I want, or anything for that matter, but most of all I am NOT liked by guys. Well you get the picture, life isn’t exactly working out for me, but this year that’s all going to change.
“Austin, can you hurry up in there?” I say as I'm banging on the only bathroom’s door. Oh Austin is one of my brothers, my twin to be exact. He is pretty much the total opposite of me; he’s outgoing, popular, and cool. He is smooth with the girls, and he is one of those skater jocks, well not just any jock he is captain of the football team, well you get it we are complete opposites
When Austin was finally done getting ready, it was time to go. I had to do my hair in a messy bun, and throw on a pair of old jeans and a boring Target 5 dollar t-shirt like every other day. I wanted to make a grand entrance, like you see in the movies, where the once geeky girl transforms into a total guy magnet, and then it gets all slow, there’s a single spotlight, and all the guys turn their heads with awe, and ask to hold her books and escort her to class, but I forgot this is real life not a staged Hollywood movie.
Work, that’s all we did at school. There was no talking, no laughing, nothing. Just silence, and detentions. When it was lunch time I forgot my money. I would’ve gone hungry if it weren’t for Lauren lending me money.
“Thanks,” I said great fully, “I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”
“Don’t mention it, it’s my treat,” replied Lauren.

I smiled at her and picked up my lunch, Mystery Meat. This was even worse than middle school’s lunches
While I was walking back form lunch, I wasn’t paying attention and I tripped. When I was getting up I slammed, my head on the open locker above of me. “Oww,” I yelped. I had to go to the nurse and get some ice or who knows how big that lump would’ve been.

If you think that’s bad it only got worse when I got home, my parents were fighting over money, my new born sister, Bella was crying, and Matt needed help with his homework. Kylie and Kelsey were fighting (who are also twins), and of course Austin had a girl over. So I had to take care of everyone, deal with a piercing headache, and do my homework all by myself. Talk about a rough day.
Sleep was the only thing I was looking forward to that day. People often say that they hate sleeping, but for me bed time was my favorite time, not just because I could feel all cozy and warm by wrapping myself up in my pink polka quilt. The main reason I love bedtime is because I can dream. Dreaming is one of my favorite things to do because I can go away to far away to mystical places, I can be anyone I want to be and no one can tell me I'm wrong. I could be a princess, or a pirate, or even popular.
I don’t get why looks mean everything, and how come if you get good grades your automatically a geek? I'm sorry that I wear glasses and am a straight A student, but why does that make everyone think I'm nothing. Why is high school so complicated? I thought middle school was bad but now I'm here and its middle school times 10.
Another day of school, another chance to be humiliated. Well I finally got my grand entrance, but not one that I imagined. I was the laughing stock of the school, even my own brother was laughing. I mean they should’ve just announced on the news, “Chloe Johnson trips and falls embarrassing herself already, this must be a record!” Then I looked down and I was only in my underwear. “Ahhh!” Kylie threw her pillow at me and I woke up from that nightmare, pheww it was just a dream. I went back to sleep, this time with happier thoughts on my mind.
In the morning I made sure I had all my clothes on. When I was burping Bella, she threw up on me. With no time to change, I cleaned it with water and a rag. I forgot about the smell. I went to school confident and positive; I didn’t stay that way for long. Then I learned the older puke is and after being on the bus, which also has a bad stench, and the two mix. Let’s just say it doesn’t smell pretty. So much for that Victoria’s Secret Appletini perfume my aunt got me last year for my birthday.
Oh yeah, that reminds my birthday is in less than a week! I am really excited, because this will be my first birthday as a high schooler! I can tell this is going to be a great birthday, well if they can pull themselves away from Austin long enough congratulate me.
Today is September 21, 2009, also known as, that’s right you guessed it, MY 14th BIRTHDAY. I am now officially a teenager. I dressed up very appealing, without glasses today. Today I was confident; I wanted to leave the geeky girl behind. Some people were pretty shocked, not at my new look though they were shocked at me not having glasses and running into a locker. Alexia and Lauren ran over to me, they helped me up, wished me a “Happy Birthday.”
Everything was okay until the center of all evil, Sophia the Satan of School, was approaching with her look-alike followers, and we walked away as fast as we could, but not fast enough. Who knew they could walk so fast in those little high heels? “Oh Chloe,” she called in her popular, to cool for herself voice, I turned around faking a grin, and replied with an “Oh, hey Sophia I didn’t see you there.”She didn’t care what I had to say, she was too busy flipping her pin straight, fake blonde hair. I knew she wanted something we haven’t talked since 3rd Grade.
Okay so here is the story, we used to be best friends, but then when I got glasses and Austin got popular, she thought I was “un-cool,” and then she spilled water around me to look like I wet my pants. Ever since then I’ve been the outcast of the school. Then, she asked me for a favor. Did I tell you or what? ”So uh, how’s Austin,” she asked I told her he’s fiiine I guess. ”So, does he have a girlfriend?” I told her that he does, even though he doesn’t. Then I was “saved by the bell.” I didn’t mean to lie I just could not have my brother dating my rival. But, I forgot about it I was too focused the presents I would get, when I get home.

So yeah, when I got home, my parents actually my WHOLE family forgot my birthday. Even though they remembered even though they remembered Austin’s, only 5 people remembered my birthday, Lauren, Alexia, my aunt, my grandparents, and a creepy 8th grader. I thought school was bad but home would get worse, worse than it ever has been.
I came home to expect to see my mom cooking dinner, but she wasn’t. Actually, I didn’t see her anywhere; I didn’t see my dad either. I looked out the window, and of course, they were fighting, worse than ever I even saw my mom slap my dad’s face. My mother was crying and so was my dad, I got really scared. Next, thing you know my mom is barging in the house and she had that look, “the no one is stopping me look,” she stormed in her room, flung open her suitcase, and dragged her arm across her dresser. I knew exactly what she was doing. I ran into her room and broke down crying, I was grabbing onto her begging for her to stay. That didn’t stop her though, she was gone, never to be seen or talked about again.
I ran into my room I couldn’t stop crying. I thought to myself, “Who am I going to talk to about my problems with, who is going to take care of everyone?” Questions coming and going in my head, so I grabbed my songbook, a pen, and my guitar, and started writing a song. Oh I guess I forgot to mention, I have a deep passion for music, and not to brag but I’m pretty good at it. I taught myself to sing and play guitar. I even bought my own guitar, and my family doesn’t know, because if they did find out I knew they would yell at me for wasting my money. I opened my self-made songbook and started writing and strumming.
Never be the same,
It’ll all change,
Life’s rearranged,
Broken heart,
I'm falling apart,
Tears welling up in my eyes,
Can’t help but cry.

I feel asleep while playing guitar and I dreamt. I dreamt about life, about everything being how it used to be everything was the same as it had been before, except my parents weren’t fighting they were actually getting along. I wish that was how life would be, but I woke up and it was the same as it had been before I feel asleep. I pretended to be sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school. So I lay in my bed, lying lifeless, still, like a statue.

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