October 19, 2009
By woopwoop BRONZE, Littleton, California
woopwoop BRONZE, Littleton, California
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I remember when my family and I took a trip to California like it was yesterday. It was a cold stormy day 4 o’clock in the morning when we left to go to the airport. My family, Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and I met at a star bucks so that we could follow each other to the airport. My cousins are 12 years old, 9 years old, and I think 7 years old. I rode with my cousins, Aunt, And Uncle to the air port. I remember that it was really humid in California. First we had to go find our bags at the luggage thing. Second we walked out of the doors to find a car rental place. So we got two cars and started to go to the hotel. When we got there it was huge. From what I can remember it had at least 40 levels, a pool, a huge arcade, an indoor pool, a bar in the outside pool, and fireworks every night. The hotel room was huge. It had 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, a nice big walk in shower, and a really big bath. The next morning we took the escalade that we rented and went and rented long boards, skin boards, and surf boards. All the guys went to the beach and all the girls went out shopping. The dads went to the beach and tried to learn how to surf whale all the kids went to ride the long boards. I though I had the coolest one. It was neon green and black deck with neon green wheels and the trucks where black. We where riding them for at least 2 hours. The last 10 minutes we where going down a really big hill and my sister slipped and feel. It was really funny. Skin boarding was really easy but surfing wasn’t. Our dads still didn’t figure out how to do it. We had to teach them how to.

At the end of the day we went out to eat. We went to a bar and grill. I had a lot of food that made me tired. When we got back to the hotel my cousins, sister, and I went down to the indoor pool. It was complete with three diving boards, two slides, and even a little play house for the little kids to play. It had a bar in side the pool for all the adults but we kids weren’t allowed to go in that area even though it looked really cool. That was the best night I have slept in a long time.
That next morning we stared off the day with going down to the lobby to eat breakfast. I don’t remember what I had but it was probably good. That day we drove to Hollywood to see my Grandma. Her name was Rosy. We spent the day with her and picked oranges and played with snails. That night for dinner we went to some Mexican restaurant. It was really good from what I can remember. All the girls passed out as soon as we all got back to the hotel. All the guys went down to the outside pool and watched the fireworks. We went to sea world that next day. It was kind of boring. We rode a couple of water rides, fed the dolphins, and watched the dolphins swim and perform. That was our last day there. That night at dinner was really sad because w where laving the next morning. We woke up and went down to eat and then hung out tell around 11 then left to go to the airport. Well it was fun as it lasted

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