They drove all night

October 19, 2009
By Caitlyn Weldon BRONZE, Mahopac, New York
Caitlyn Weldon BRONZE, Mahopac, New York
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They drove all night. They drove on the rocky road. They drove through the woods. They drove over the bridge. They drove in silence the whole way. She was staring out the window. She watched the rain hit the window and slowly slide down, hitting other droplets that either combined with the other ones or stopped. She didn't know what she could say or do to make him feel better. Where they were going, there was no bright side. She was always optimistic, but her optimism ran out when he told her what had happened. She wanted to break the awkward silence so bad. She wanted him not to hide the fact that he was crying whenever he sniffled. She wanted him to express his feelings. But the thing she really wanted was for this not to be happening. And for them to go back to their happy, normal life. She wanted him to smile.

She heard him take a deep breath and she perked up. He just coughed; she sighed and continued staring out the window. She kept thinking about what she could say. She finally got the guts to do it. "What time is it?" she asked, thinking right after it was a stupid question considering the fact that the time was right on the dash board in green lights. "It’s right there." he said in a blunt tone. She sighed and looked out the window again. The moon light was the only thing she could see through the clouds. The only thing she heard was the car driving along the rocky road. The rocks hitting the bottom of the car as they drove along. She thought about saying something else to just break the silence. But what was she going to say? It was bound to happen sometime. She wants to make him feel better not worse. She figured it's better just not to bother.

The rain turned into droplets falling less frequently, then soon stopped. He turned onto a paved road. The only sound was the sound of the tires on the pavement, which wasn't very much noise. They were sitting in complete silence. Which made her want to break the silence even more. But she didn't want him to snap at her like he had before. She thought about what they could start talking about. She thought about how much it rained. Which was too pointless. She thought about telling him to think about the good things that had happened. Which wouldn't lighten the mood. She thought about talking about the concert they went to a week ago. Which was just about perfect. They hadn't talked about it before because he wasn't really himself. When she asked him how his day was his answer was 'fine' when he would usually tell her about something that happened. She took a deep breath and was about to talk. "Remember at the concert when you sat in the nachos?" She was really surprised that he said that, it was like he read her mind. She smiled big and from that moment on, she knew everything was going to be okay.

They drove all night. They drove on the rocky road. They drove through the woods and over the bridge. They drove in silence just about the whole way. From when the sun peeked over the horizon. To when they pulled up to the Cemetery to see his mother being put into the ground.

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