Two months

October 16, 2009
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The air was sharp, the sun seemed to have gone into hiding for the winter, leaving the trees and other various plants to go bear for the time being. David sat on his rickety porch swing,that was suspended above his wooden porch the wind blew his brown hair from his eyes.He sat there, holding his daughter as she cried. She was beautiful, long wavy brown hair, deep blue eyes (just like her fathers), she wore a white turtle neck, and a black skirt. "Dad, have you ever had someone close to you die, like I just did? Someone your age?"
His voice, quivering from the penetratingly cold air answered:"Yes, yes I have. When I was sixteen, the girl that I grew up with died of cancer. She had it for four months before she told me." It was quiet for a moment, until the girl spoke up. "How come you never told me about her?" He sighed before he answered. "I never have really talked about her since she died. I never wanted to, but I will tell you how I found out about the sickness that stole her from the world. It was a Friday afternoon when she told me, all of our friends were coming over to my house, later that evening to watch a movie and hang out afterwords. It was a cold day, a lot like today."

"Hey there Adison! Lets go to the pond, we can sit in our usual spot."
"Hey, David, alright, lets go." She looked so upset over something, she normally had her brown hair down, she would only wear it in a ponytail whenever she didn't feel well, and that day, she wore her hair up.
"Wow Addy, you don't have to sound so enthusiastic about it." She just stared at me, then once she realized I was joking, she broke a smile.
"Sorry Dave, just got a lot on my mind I guess."
"Uh huh, that's never good. Is that why you asked if you could come over earlier than the rest of the gang?"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you! I had the best idea for your birthday party! We can have a New Years Eve party/ Birthday party! Isn't that great?"
"Why are you planning so far ahead of time? Its three months away, but it is a good idea."
"I wasn't trying to plan it, it just kind of hit me!"
Even though she said she liked the idea, she didn't seem to be as enthusiastic as I thought she would, normally she would have been loud and excited about my single stroke of genius. Instead, she just sat down, leaned against the tree she always leaned against, and stared blankly at the pond. Like I said, it was a day a lot like today, the pond seemed to have a sort of mystery to it that day. That pond was where we always met when we needed to talk, it was encircled by trees, all the leaves were beginning to shift into brilliant shades of reds and oranges. Still, the sun refused to come out of hiding from behind the clouds. As soon as I sat down she looked at me, and at first I thought I saw a tear forming, but I decided that it must have just been the wind making her eyes water. I decided silence could not be good, so I began to speak again.
"Man Addy, if you don't stop talking I think i'm going to go insane."
As she smirked, she said "You are so funny Dave."
"But seriously, what's up?"
"David, what I have to tell you, is going to be life changing, and because of it, i'm not quiet sure how to tell you."
"Life changing huh?" (I was so naive at that age.)
"Well Addy, just spit it out."
"Um. Okay. David? I, I um, I have cancer." As she said this, her voice cracked, otherwise I would not have believed her.
I just sat there, staring at her, hoping she would smile, and yell out that she was kidding. But she never did, she just began to silently cry. I stumbled to find the words to say to her.
"Adison, are you sure? How could this be? You are only sixteen! The, the doctors, they.. they can get rid of it right?" When she didn't answer me, I moved closer to her, I looked in her eyes, instead of her eyes glowing with the joy that they normally seemed to shine with, they were dull, all I could see was fear.
"You are going to be okay, a lot of people live through cancer, with today's medicine, you will be better in six months! They will have you all fixed up, and ready to move on with life!"
She let out a sigh.
"This isn't like I broke my leg, and all they have to do is just put a cast on it, and wait for it to get better, my kind of cancer doesn't just get better." Her head dropped into her hands as she said this.
"Wait, what do you mean 'my kind of cancer doesn't just get better'?"
She lifted her head, her chin trembled, her mouth moved, from the shock of what she said next, the words were slow and piercing.
"We were too late, I only have two months left to live."

"Dad? You're crying."
"Huh? What?"
"You're crying."
"Oh. I have never told that story. It felt so real, like it was happening again."
"What happened to her?"
"Well, she had a fantastic last two months, all of our friends got together all the time to be with her, some days she would be too weak to go out, so we would go to her. When she died, life became a daze. Life became meaningless. I still miss her, even to this day."

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neena said...
Nov. 30, 2009 at 5:31 pm
This is such a sweet story about a father who tells his daughter of such a painful event, that he has never mentioned it to a soul before. I am sure that it came from a person who has great compassion for others. I was shedding tears by hte end . Would like to read more stories like this.
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