October 15, 2009
Inside the van, the strange man held me close. It was a little confusing why he was holding me. He looked to be maybe ten or 15 years older then me. I was 13, so somewhere around 23 or 28 years old. His hair was gleaming black and his face shown with curiosity. Silently, I cried myself until I couldn’t cry any more.

Apparently I had been extremely tired and I passed out because the next thing I saw was a dark green tent. Then I heard a voice. “Honey, you have to stay in this tent for a while because if you stay in my house, bad things will happen.” I was wondering where I was and why I couldn’t be in the house.

Tom explained. “You don’t want to go back to your parents do you?” I shook my head. “Well if the cops come and see you, they will take you back, so I have to keep you out here. I will treat you like a queen.”

Over the next year or so, Tom and I grew close. We shared life, feelings, and things that I felt I couldn’t share with anyone else. He always knew what to do.

Suddenly I bounced back to reality. It was Tom. His facial expression says that he has something important to say. He starts to jog over. He must really need to say something. He gets right up in front of me and sweeps me up into his arms. “I love you,” he says, “I always will.” I am awestruck for a moment and then, something happens.

“I love you too,” I manage to get out.

Two weeks later, I wake up to find myself desperately in need of water. I burst out of the tent and stagger to the ground. I throw up, bewildered with myself. I also realize I’m late, very late. (If you know what I mean.)

I was…was…pregnant. I was debating whether or not to tell Tom. I mean I guess he would find out eventually considering I was going to grow HUGE. I decided that I would…So I did.

Over the next few months I was getting sicker and sicker and larger and larger. Tom had to go out and purchase new clothes. Not too mention the money he spent on all of the baby stuff.

Tom took me too the doctor under a secret identity. The woman said I was having TWINS! Double trouble and I was only 15! I wonder what this new life will bring!

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