When People Get it the most They get A Silver Lining... So Where's Mine?

October 15, 2009

Life brings out the worst in us…I thought to myself. Sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. I laughed out loud at myself making the secertary give me a disapproving glace.
Yup, I said the secertary. You could probly guess where I was. In the office waiting for the Principle to talk to me.
I stretched out on the chair making myself comfy… it’s not like this was the first time I was sent here. Actualy I was sent here daily for small things. Mouthing off to the teacher, throwing a couple punches at some guys who would annoy me. Blah blah.
I was just starting to play with my red-orange hair when a teacher came towards me.
It was Mrs. Tomas.
‘Miss. Mugan, Mr. Headington will see you now.’ I stood up leading the way towards the principles' office. Once I was inside I walked over to the chair and sat down slinging my legs over the arm trying to get comfy. I hear the door open.
‘Michelle Rebecca Mugan feet down!” I heard my mom say as she entered the office. My mom was normalI guess. She had blonde hair,blue eyes, starting to let loose in the exercise department and she was about 5’10”. I used to look like her when i was little. Then my hair colour changedfrom blonde to redish-orange(I didn’t dye it). Same with my eye colour blue to green(No contacts it’s just weird that way) and I WAS in good shape thank to kick-boxing and other sports. In height I was about 5’7”.
My mom sat down and looked at me disapprovingly like the secertary.
Reasons why my mom’s disappointed:
A) my nose ring,snake bites and ear piercing
B) My make-up scared her… dont know why.I only had black and red eyeshadow on
C) 3rd time this week that she had to comedown to the school
D)I beat a guy up and now it’s possible he could be in a mild coma oh and
E) She just hated my guts period
I looked out the window bored and not really caring aboutanything asthe principle told my mom what had happned....
I was walking down the hallways and being the freak people either ignored me or tried to bully me. I ignored them all. I didn’t want to get suspended.
I made my way to the court yard where loads of people where drinking. You’d think the teachers would watch this area, but they didn't. Crappy school.
I walked across the court yard to get to my locker but one of the popular guys grabbed my hand. He was drunk. I could smell his breath. It almost made me puke.
“Hey.. freak show. Where do you think your going?” Chad asked. His friends laughed.
I shoved him off. “To my locker. Now leave me alone!”I said sternly, walking away again, but Chad grabbed me around the waist and held me close.
“Aren’t you gonna join the party? Friday night was fun.” He said suductively. His friends laughed again.
“Oh yea friday was loads of fun. I was at home watching Frankenstien while you f***** Christina at some party.” Chads' friends stopped laughing.
“I wished it was you the whole time.” Chad whispered. He then started to grind me. “Why don’t I make that wish come true?” He put his hands on my hips and started to slid them down.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I said threw clenched teeth.
“I would.” Chad whispered in my ear, tickling it with his beer-stained breath. I slowly raised my leg then let it fall slightly then brought it up behind me hard hitting him where the sun don't shine. Chad goes down and his friends try to go after me but i scare them off. Then I turned back to Chad…
“Miss. Mugan? Miss Mugan! Please tell your mother why you did what you did to Mr. Jacet.”
Yea his last name was Jacet… i always called him a Black Jacket though, like the hornet. Cause he bites everybody then tosses them aside to rot when he’s done with them. Isn’t that pleasent?
Ijust starred at my Principal not really wanting to answer to that. He just glared back. We were never on good terms either.
“Fine. If you won’t tell her i will!” He said it like when a kid is telling on their older brother for something. It was sooo mature.
I just glared at him again. “go ahead.”I said sternly,secertly dreading what my mother would say. She wouldn’t believe me.
“Your daughter said she beat up Mr. Jacet because he was going to rap her.” Mr. Headington said it very seriously… too seriously.I didn’tlike it...I felt like he thoughtI was lying, and he was SUPPOSED to protect the studentsin and onthe school grounds. Like that was EVER going to happen!
“Uh Huh.” Aas all my mother said.I didn’t even believe she earned the tittle ‘Mother’. She didn’t care.
Like whenI first learned how to ride a bike where was she?At work sucking up too her boss. My dad taugh me how to ride. Then whenI made the lead role in my 1st play, who was there at every performance? My dad. Where was she? Instead of sucking up to him she was [censored] him. Then in grade 8I was in kick boxing. My first compettion.I won first place. Who was there to congratulate me? Yup, my dad. My mom said it was a waste of time.
Then my dad died from a heart attack in my 9th grade.I think it was because of the stress my mom put onto him. He had a job. So he worked 7-8 hrs a day, Then came home, picked me up from kick boxing, my sister from ballet. Sometimes He’d be early and watch. Then he had to make supper cause my mom worked until 9:30 pm. Then once supper was made he’d help us with home work.Maybe playa board game with us or watch a movie. Then my sister and i would go too bed. My mom would get home. She’d be in a good mood. (I wonder why...) Then my dad would say something like 'Maybe you could get a day off so they girls can have some time with you, cause you never see them.’ Then my mom would go off about how we didn’t care about her. How we were only daughters in image but not in the heart. My dad never yelled back, or faught back. Once in a while she’d get so mad that she’d slap him across the face and go to bed.I found this out becaseI woke up one night in grade 6 to witness it.
I got mad. Went up to my mom and started to yell at her for hitting my dad. My dad tried to tell me it was alright and for me to go back to bed.I told him (or more like yelled at him) thatit wasn’t alright. Then i punched my mom in the gutt. She grunted, held her stomach then glared at me.
“DON’T PUNCH ME YOU LITTLE B****!” She had yelled and slapped me across the face and pushed me to the ground and started to beat on me.
That was the only time my dad had hit my mother. He had slapped her across the face and yelled at her to get off of me. That she was gonna kill me.
Finally she stopped beating on me and went to the door, opened it and slammed it shut. She had gotten into her car and drove off.I had hoped she would never come back, but the next morning there she was puffy eyed drinking her coffee. She didn’t even look my way. She didn’t even say sorry for my black eyes. My brusies. My hurt and brokenheart. She just continued looking out the window drinking her coffee…

“She’s porbaly lying. She does that often.I don't believe her about anything anymore.” My mothers tone brought me back.I almost had tears in my eyes.
Ijumped up and went towards the door.
“You know what? This is over. I’m going home! WAIT!I don’t HAVE one!” ijerked the door and slammed it, and started to run.
I ran all the way to the bus stop boarded onto a bus and started to go towards down town. But thenI thought about my sister who was now in grade 8, (2 years difference.) andI thought about my mothers rage.I couldn’t let my sister take whatI had gotteneven though she was older.I got off the train and headed towards my own personal prison.

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on Feb. 21 2010 at 4:03 pm
xenon333 PLATINUM, Billerica, Massachusetts
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i loved it!! Very sad and depressing...but well written :)


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