The New Girl

October 6, 2009
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“ In time young man. In time. Trust me. You will see that many women will NEED for you. And your grades? Oh sweetie you will learn so much that all of your tests will be aced. Trust me. In time this will all happen.” My grandmother always bought me dreams. Everything she said to me was great but, if you know me that’s not what you would think. My name is Phillip. Of course, that name sounds like an old man’s name. Well actually it is an old man’s name. It was my grandfather’s, on my dads side. I live with my grandmother and aunts just until my mother is done with her “stage” as my aunt likes to call it. I know better than that. I know that she is just bugged out on drugs. It drives me nuts that everyone in this family tries to keep things a secret. I am old enough to know, as a matter of fact, I already know. I am thirteen and I’m treated like a child. My performance in school is jus unbelievably horrible. Ever since my mother has been gone I haven’t been focusing on my work or studies. Actually, I could care less about them. I know its not the best thing to say but what else is there to say? And since in school I am doing poorly, none of the girls in my classes want to talk to me or even be my friend. I know I am not the best looking feller but back in my old school, in New Hampshire of course, I was the most popular. I had all the friends and all the girls showering over me. Everyone wanted to be me. But like I said, that was back in my old school. Now I am stuck at this lousy school with these corny teachers. Life went from the best to the worst in only three weeks.

Today I woke up with the sun shining on my face and the sheets thrown off my body. That’s Abby’s wake up call. Abby is my grandmother. I don’t call her grandma just because we just met. My mother never told me about her. She never told stories, showed pictures, or even mentioned her. It was like she never existed. Until last Monday when I was taken out of school first period for a “ family emergency” and forced to pack my bags as quickly as possible and be ready for a long ride. My grandmothers house is located in New York . I bet your like WOW YOU CALL THAT A LONG RIDE ?! But since I wouldn’t get a word about what was going on and a sign on where I was going it was so long. It felt like we were on the road for weeks. Even though it was just about four hours long. “ Listen pumpkin, you cant miss school when you feel like it so get up and ready for a new day of new education. Remember, education can open many doors for you.” Abby pulled my arms out from underneath the blankets I have pulled against my skin. I stood up straight on my very uncomfortable bed. It isn’t like the one at home where the sheets are nice and soft and filled with cushion, the pillows where so cotton filled, and oh the bed was just unbelievably soft. You could sink your whole body in it. Here, its just stone hard bed, flat pillow, and thin sheets.

“Abby, I know you are trying to care and all but I’d really rather just stay here and umm, Enjoy the beautiful weather and see the sights of New York! Where I’m from everyone is always saying how spectacular it is.” I feel like I convinced her at least a little bit. She starred at me for a while until she said, “ You cant run away from your problems. Especially since school is almost over. High school is right around the corner. And there you cant run away from your problems.” CRAP! Just when I thought my plan would work. Abby is a soft person. Inside and out, but its so hard to convince her of something. I can tell all she does is sit here and sob all day about my mother being so ignorant and so selfish. For me, she cries as well. And I only know that because I heard her crying to my aunt in the other room. “And by the way sugar. You can call me grandma. It wont hurt. And it would make me feel lots better. Especially because of everything going on. I promise I don’t bite once you get to know me. I’m real sweet. And I know that your mother..” She stopped. My gosh she stopped. Right when I was really listening. She stopped.

I took my book bag and without a goodbye I left for school. It wasn’t cold outside as I suspected. The walk was short. I hoped for a long one but I speeded since I thought that Abby was the type to follow you until you said goodbye. As I walked into school the halls were empty. Usually my homeroom would be out here not even bothering to get to class. But no. Not today. So I walked into class and BAM! What do I see? A crowd forming around someone. So I thought to myself maybe Eric brought his psp and everyone wants a try. But as I got to my seat, there was this beyond beautiful girl sitting near my desk. I moved through the group of kids and sat down. I couldn’t help but stare. She had green eyes and when she stood she was about 5’5. The most gorgeous brownish blonde hair that was up to half of her back. No makeup, no flaws, perfect teeth, nice and thick, and with a smile that will knock you out your socks. I didn’t bother to introduce myself since everyone was so busy buzzing around her. Stuck on her like bees on honey. And what if she was one of those snotty preppy girls that doesn’t like anyone but herself? Then I would be really embarrassed. You know, I don’t have friends and if I want some I cant risk it.

Fifth period came around as if none of the others didn’t even go by. I approached my locker to drop off these super heavy and super unnecessary books. I don’t need one for every subject. Why can’t they just make hand outs? You know, like normal teachers. I slammed my locker shut with frustration and suddenly I lost breath and my heart skipped a few beats. “ Uh, Hey. I’m in your homeroom. I’m Alissa. My locker is right here. Right next to yours. So weird huh? In homeroom we are next to each other and now here? Must be fate.” my jaw dropped. Alissa? Beautiful name. And oh, her voice? The voice of an angel. She giggled. How cute. “Hi. I’m Phillip. Nice to meet you Alissa.” I felt the grin on my face form. She looked up and her eyes met mine. They were so soft and so comforting I forgot about everything else currently going on in my life. Then suddenly the bell rang. A group of girls just came and swung her by in linked arms. My heart just broke. But then it rose back healing when I looked to see her waving at me.

On the walk home I did tons of thinking. Alissa just changed everything for me and I don’t even know her. Her smile, the walk, the talk. It all works perfectly. I was right in front of my house when Abby and my aunt came running out like they were expecting me. Their eyes filled with worry yet happiness. Abby grabbed my hand and rushed me into my room. “Oh no. Not again. I am not leaving this room until someone tells me what is going on here.” No answer for my bravery. I walked around the room while Abby was sitting nervously whispering something into Silvia’s (my aunt) ear. They both smiled and looked at me. UH-OH! Something big is going to happen. I can tell just by their facial expressions. “Phillip honey. I, no, WE have some news for you.” She paused for a second and starred at me. A noise suddenly came from the kitchen. Right through the door came my mother. Ahh, crap. What is she doing her? And she looks clean! Like she was never on any drugs and never even stepped foot into rehab. She looked like Silvia and Carol (my other aunt).

“ Baby Boy pack your things and get ready to go. You are coming home with me. I am fine now and I’m ready to have my son back in our cozy apartment in New Hampshire and not in this large and empty house in New York.” She was smiling. I wasn’t. What does she mean home? How dare she come for me now? Its only been about a week. Not even and NOW she wants me home. This means she’s done with her “stage” now does it? This is unbelievable. I mean I want to go home. But I cant. Not after I met Alissa and she met me and wants me be my friend maybe more. She even said it was fate. I could not believe it. Then suddenly, the noise of Abby’s voice came rising in my ear. She was singing as always. “ Rise and shine sleepy head. School time.” And as she pulled the curtains, instead of it being sunny it was raining. Was it all a dream? No it couldn’t be! I guess it was. Why? Why me out of all people? I pulled on a sweater and some sweatpants and was out the door with the umbrella Abby gave me. I walked to school dazed because I couldn’t believe everything I thought was a dream. Everything. It hurt. Badly. I was hoping for it to be true. When I walked into homeroom, there was no one cluttered around one desk. There was no beautiful Alissa in the seat nearby. There wasn’t fate.

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