October 4, 2009
“Do you wanna go to the movies?”


“Wanna go grab a bite to eat?”

“Not hungry”

“Do you wanna do anything?”
I ask this pointlessly. I already know what you want to do.

“We could go hang out at my place.”
You say this with a sideway grin and I feel like you should add some dumb cheesy little wink onto it. Yeah, I know “hang out” doesn’t mean “let’s hang out and watch a movie”, or something else a decent guy would ask of his girlfriend. No. You are not that type of guy.
“Hang out” to you means “ lets get stoned, make out and ill try my hardest to get in your pants” So surely I know this because its all we ever do. To you, and certainly enough, I am starting to thing so, I am just a useless toy you can pick up and fool around with whenever you feel like it. You probably will get in my pants. I know what my role is. I am a booty call mislabeled “Girlfriend”.

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