Tristan & Arianna-Chapter Two

October 2, 2009
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I was brought back to consciousness when the room door opened once more.
Anger flew through me at the thought of the nurse. But it was Uncle Jade.

“Brought you lunch.” He said, holding up a plastic white container.
“Wow, I didn’t realize it was so late.” I said, grabbing the food, and falling into the armchair.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t want to wake you. It was a tough night.” He handed me a bottle of water, and sat down in the chair next to mine. As I swallowed the water, I realized how thirsty I was. Uncle Jade glanced nervously at me, then back to his own food.
“Uncle Jade?” I asked, after my throat was satisfied. “Do you how the wreck happened?”
“Not exactly.” He took a break to pop what I noticed as a aspirin. “I was at work, and the police called me. And told me MaryAnn ha-had been in a wreck and he ambulance was driving her here.” His eyes were glazed, from the swelling of tears.
“Oh.” Was all I managed to say.

After I finished my lunch, I went into the bathroom. I tried to avoid the mirror, but since it was right at my height, and plastered right in front of me, it was inevitable. My long, curly, black hair was in visible knots, my face was half black due to my mascara, and my skin was blotchy. I splashed water onto my face, and tried to scrub off the waterproof mascara. I gave up on that.

“Anna.” Uncle Jade called through the door.
“Yes?” I answered as I opened the door.
“You are free to stay here longer, but. .your Mom is fine right now, and you do have graduation rehearsal tomorrow.” I had completely forgotten about that. I feared, and obviously he feared too, that telling me was going to start another round of crying. Fortunately, my tear ducts seemed to be out of water. I thought about going to graduation two days from now, and not having my Mom. All the other seniors would have both their parents, but I would have none. Since my Dad had run off when I was born, and now my Mom was in comma, I had really bad luck when it came to parents.
“Yeah. I guess it would be best to go on home.”

The drive home was quiet, and nothing like my last ride in his Jeep. I faded in and out of sleep, watching the rain droplets fall on the windshield. When we pulled into the driveway, I stared at the two story, yellow house. It had the wilting flower beds, that MaryAnn had planted when she happened to see an info. commercial on TV, the stone walkway, that she had bribed Uncle Jade to do for her when I had slipped on wet grass, and the white mailbox with flowers we painted on the side when I was wanting to be an artist.

“Anna. Listen to me.” Uncle Jade said, capturing my attention. I had a slight feeling he had already been talking to me. “Keep the doors locked at all times, do not come outside unless I’m here, and keep the phone charged.”
“Alright.” I said, and jumped out of his Jeep. “Where will you be?”
“I’m going to go grab some of my things then go back up to the hospital incase she wakes up.”
“Call me with any information.”
“I will. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.” I held back a snort of disgust. That was a bold faced lie.
“Bye.” And I slammed the car door.

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