super cross

October 1, 2009
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“Hey bro you want to race or are you to afraid to face the music,” said Travis in an aggressive tone.

“No I just know that I’d school u on the track,” said Ben calmly

Travis ran outside same for Ben they both looked at the track in their back yard. Travis had a weird look on his face it was a suspicious but aware look like I said weird. Both the brothers got on each other’s dir bike and stormed to the gates Travis quickly put in the starting time and lined up as well.

“Your going down in the hall of shame on my bedroom wall a.k.a. the losers wall,” said Travis.

“Yeah well we’ll know who’s going to on that wall at the end of the race now won’t we,” said Ben.

While they were talking the buzzer went off the noise caught them off guard they both stormed out the gate into turn one. Travis cut off Ben on the outside of turn one here they come to the first jump. Ohh no Travis wiped out, but he’s back on his feet and he’s off again. It could be to late Ben was already on turn two. Travis just entered turn two he is catching up but slowly. Ben had wiped out on turn four, not sure if he will be getting back up. It looks like we have an issue on turn four. As Travis blows by Travis saw blood coming from Bens leg. Travis quickly ran to the house. Told his mom that Ben had crashed out. Their mom had a worried look on her face as she ran for the door she looked out at the track and Ben was unconscious their mom was worried like no other she had a look on her face it was worried and scared look. She just wanted for her son’s eyes to open. Roughly 3 hours later Ben had started to come out of it. When his eyes came fully open he was in room 415 in the saint smith hospital. He was wondering where every body was so he hopped out of bed with his broken leg and positioned himself in a wheelchair. As he wheeled himself down the hallway he saw a lot of amazing pictures and rooms with awesome machines the floor was a tile was a dark green color.
“Nice to see you finally woke up,” said a voice from behind him.
“Are you the doctor that took care of my leg,” said Ben in a hush manor.
“Yea your leg was pretty bad your mom and brother had to carry you into the hospital,” said the doc.
While Ben was at the hospital his mom was at the house packing up some clothes so her and Travis could stay at the hospital over night. They walked through the arch walkway into the main lobby of the Saint Smith Hospital. They saw Ben talking to one of the doctor that helped with his leg.

“Hey bro how’s the leg treatin ya,” said Travis in an excited tone.

“Pretty good still can’t feel it from all that numming crap they injected me with” said Ben excitedly.

“What happened to you on that turn”?

“Oh I just grabbed the front brake a little to much”

“A little to much you were flipping end over end”

“Yea it was a pretty exiting for a little bit until yea you know from a personal view”

“Yea that was a wicked crash, I mean that was awesome but scary”

“Thanks for the concern bro, means a lot from my point of view”

“Anytime you need it, but your name is still going on the wall of losers”

“Well I’m going to get me some ice cream and something to drink”

“I’ll be waiting for you in your room”
“Ok I’ll be up in a few”
While Ben was getting ice cream Travis and their mom headed for the room. Ben was getting some ice cream with chocolate swirls I mean the works were talking about peanuts chocolate cherries and even a whole bunch of candy. You could tell he loved this hospital and their verity of their sweet delicious ice cream and drinks. While Ben was getting his amazing ice cream Travis was up stairs playing the bed. Their mom was seating on the chair reading her favorite magazine.

“heyya peoples like my amazing ice cream”

“ I hate having this stupid broken leg but hey I can get all the ice cream I can eat”

“The only thing bad about having this broken leg is that i'm going to miss the thunder hill grand prix”

“ Yea but hey there is always next year so no rush”

“ But hey you get that leg healed and those other guys are going be hurting”

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